Bengaluru. Sri. Mr. Ananth Kumar, Central Chemical and Fertilizer   Minister, said  ‘’ financial help of Rs 25 Lakhs  to school building by  Raksha Foundation  at Kaggalipura by MP fund  for  poor children’’.

Raksha Foundation  has organized 7th year program at Jayanagar’s  B.S Chandra Shekhar Playing Ground and given stationery items to School children.

Sri. R.Ashok, Former Deputy Chief Minister Said ‘’education to poor children and making them a good person in our society is great work’’.

Talent prizes given: BBMP Mayor Smt. G. Padmavati has given 30 TABS  to more scored students of SSLC and PUC  and Sri. B.N. Vijaya Kumar,  MLA Jayanagar  issued Lap tops to 20 most scored students and Sri.C.K. Rama Murthy, Founder president of  Raksha Foundation given 2 Bikes to Physically challenged children  and 3 laptops to  Physically challenged children  and five talent prizes to sports children.

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