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Bengaluru. The world’s lightest multi utility jacket has been created in Bangalore by an ex- IBM engineer. Weighing less than 179 grams this comes with a hoodie, has a water-resistant shell & a secret compartment – that allows you to fold the jacket into its own pouch! Unlike other light jackets which are just simple rain covers –this is a proper multi utility jacket that comes in 3 colours & can be used for different occasions.

This innovative jacket is being launched on Fueladream.com. Thanks to crowdfunding (which eliminates dealer margin & inventory costs) the FEATHER is being rolled out at a breakthrough price of just 499 INR (includes free shipping and all taxes)!

The Feather is the 3rd innovative product launched by Versatyl Wear, all on Fueladream.com. Having already wowed audiences with the Ultimate Travel Jacket and the Waterproof Bomber Jacket, it was only a matter of time before they came out with another game changing product.

The FEATHER is also mobility friendly as it folds into a secret compartment to turn into a little pouch making it easy to carry even to a business meeting. A pack of 2 jackets is available at just 899 INR and Saneen the creator hopes this will create massive demand for it.

The brains behind Versatyl Wear, Saneen Javali, is an ex-IBM engineer who has already raised over INR 3.9 million over 4 hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns! What’s more, they’ve have also delivered over 2500 jackets to happy customers!

Versatyl is running its 5th crowdfunding campaign with Fueladream, and they have realised that crowdfunding not only affords them the ability to take an exciting, innovative product to the market with a much higher visibility than e-commerce platforms, but it also gives the consumer the chance to buy new and interesting products at amazing prices.

Saneen Javali, says about crowdfunding and this new jacket, “It’s exciting to put together the World’s lightest utility jacket. Crowdfunding is a game changer which has helped me build a brand and go to the market easily.”

Ranganath Thota, Founder & CEO Fueladream says, “Saneen always surprises us with his innovations. We are sure that Indian customers will be delighted with the FEATHER & make this another very successful campaign.”

About Fueladream.com

FuelADream.com is a crowdfunding marketplace for people & organisations that
aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. and impact 2.2 billion
people in India, Africa & S.E Asia. The platform went live in mid-April 2016 and has
already raised close to INR 3.9 CR from over 105 campaigns. They are Bangalore

Fueladream.com is the brainchild of Ranganath Thota. His team is focused on transforming how people raise and contribute money for ideas, social causes and other activities. FuelADream.com connects the campaign owners (people who want to raise money) to funders in a very productive and engaging way.

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