Dr. Karisiddappa Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi Felicitating Rank Students,  Dr.C.Nanjundaswamy, Principal of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Mr.S. Mariswamy, Hon’bleChairman of PVP Welfare Trust,Sri A.R. Krishna Murthy, Secretary of PVP Welfare Trust, Sri P.L.Nanjudaswamy, Treasurer of PVP Welfare Trust also seen at  Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Mallathalli, Bengaluru.


 Bengaluru. Dr. Karisiddappa Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Visvesvaraya Technological University,, Belagavi, Said ”Engineering Lessons to get changed soon in Karnataka, Graduation day was always an important landmark in the life of students as it recognized their hard work. That day was also a special day in the calendar of the institution as it marked a culmination of a phase of learning and also have satisfied that the students was then ready to face and contribute to the world at large, as a worthy knowledge empowered professionals in the chosen domain of learning and training, the teachers gave the final advice and blessings for his future professional life ahead. He wished to use that occasion to thank the faculty who in their own way have contributed to shaping the young minds while those were with the institution.

He took that opportunity to congratulate the degree holders and award winners for their hard work and toil over the years.

On that Graduation Day your primary concern, like that most young individuals were understandably employment and a decent means of livelihood and the Government and industry were trying to maximize it. But there were limits to it. On the other hand, exploration through creative instincts and individual entrepreneurial favour were unlimited. If they were still looking at success and failure in terms of just Government jobs then they were misunderstanding the dynamics of emerging India. While some of you may choose a career in academia and research, many others must cultivate an impulse to innovate to address the real world problems and be part of state-of-the-art initiatives like ‘Make in India;’ ‘start-up India.’ and ‘stand-up India; In other words I would like to advise you to become an entrepreneur or an innovator. This involves continuous learning process. The more in learning process you involve yourself the more likely that you will remain relevant. Moreover, though this lifelong learning process and maintaining our knowledge institutions, industry and society interconnected with each other, each one of us regardless of career we decide to pursue can meaningfully contribute to the area of our interest. And most importantly, you the budding engineers become empowered to become job creators rather than job seekers.

Industry people comment that only 10-20% of our graduates are employable. Some percentage of those graduates can’t even be trained, etc. But note that the curriculum developed by us is very useful source of knowledge as they impart basic knowledge on which future innovative ideas an inventions stands. They cannot become out-dated at any point of time. Yes, there is some percentage of curriculum which we need to reform, redefine and restructure every now and then to keep pace with breakneck speed of the expansion phase in industries and this is where one should not compromise to innovate the teaching learning processes and maintain quality. This is what the challenge before University teachers. Every teacher in an engineering institution must think to cultivate a research idea amongst the budding engineers. And every student pursuing engineering education must learn to acquire knowledge in interdisciplinary fields based on the basic knowledge acquired by them through basic engineering education.

New opportunities are opening up for Indians all over World. Our IT professionals have made tremendous impacts globally. Today, India is the youngest country in the world with 54% of its population below the age of 25.1t is expected that by the year 2020, the average age of Indians would be just 29 whilst that USA, Europe, China and Japan would be over 40. It is also expected that workforce in the west going to decline by 14% in the next decade whilst that of India would register a substantial rise. Thus India has an opportunity of becoming skill Bank for the world. However, we must ensure that Indians should be sought after, not because they provide cheap labour, but because they are productive professionally competent. Keeping this view the Central and State Governments are coming forward to assist the Universities to establish many skill Development Centres and Centres of Excellence in the field of emerging technologies. This Visvesvaraya Technological University is trying its maximum to utilize these opportunities for the benefit of the young generation. We hope that soon India would come to be recognized as a producer of world-class professionals.

This is an era of interdisciplinary knowledge, in the engineering field. Therefore one should acquire good skill and usage of computer related skills to have enhanced learning and oceans of knowledge which will definitely help you to work with passion and pride.

In this new phase of life you must have simplicity, humbleness, hard and smart working skills and help the society around you, please show concern to save our environment and to conserve energy to the next generation.

Each and every one of you has a job. Only thing is you must strive hard to process it by understanding yourself. Your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. No one knows better than you what are your strengths and weaknesses. Try to weave your dreams around them. It is only when you strive in a direction that is based on your strengths that you are likely to succeed best.

Make a great career, scale new professional heights, and accomplish all that you never thought you could but also make sure that your success formula is blended with ethical values, social responsibility and human sensitivity. You have been helped by your parents and teachers in the journey till date. Do not forget them and their words. By virtue of being citizens. I am sure you will fulfil their dreams.

I wish you every success and an exciting journey ahead in future. Go ahead, whole world is yours. Be confident and you will be able to conquer the world.

I wish to use this occasion to thank the faculty who in their own way have contributed to shaping the young minds while they are in this institution.

Before I end I wish to read this beautiful piece from Swamy Vivekananda which were recited Dr. Prem Krishna during  previous convocation of VTU and which impressed me a lot and I am sure this work as a torch for young generation going out this institution”.

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