maritial rape 013
UNION: Kumar Jahgirdar.President CRISP NGOAnil Kumar. President Save Indian Family NGONeeraj Jumar. Family Counsellor AT Family Court swearing for equal rights for men and women at Press Club of Bengaluru.

Bengaluru. CRISP NGO and save Indian family organised a protest followed by a press meet at Bangalore press club today against the proposed marital rape law which will enable a wife to put as criminal case on husband on charges of rape ,

We fear this will law will be another weapon for misuse like the dowry act where more than 85 % are fake cases as per government own records and supreme court recent judgement, in the past 10 days more than 500 people called our NGO that they fear the marriage as they may go to jail on a false rape case by own wife and it is high risk to marry in India for men..

in order to create awareness we have done this protest by men who took a pledge not to marry , more than 25 unmarried boys took the oath today until the domestic violence act and rape laws became gender neutral and to stop anti men , anti family and anti children laws and policies, more and more want to remain unmarried in the society laws due to gender biased laws.


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