1-Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India,Mr. Sunil Kotak, Executive Director and CEO, Kotak Urja,Vishnu Hazara CEO Primier Solar,Michael Schadev GG Cables,Mr. Rajeshwar Bhat, MD
UBM INDIA: Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India,Mr. Sunil Kotak, Executive Director and CEO, Kotak Urja,Vishnu Hazara CEO Primier Solar,Michael Schadev GG Cables,Mr. Rajeshwar Bhat, MD, Juwi India Renewable in Bengaluru.


Renewable Energy India Expo (REI) 2017 which is scheduled to take place in Delhi between 20th to 22nd September 2017.

Bengaluru. Mr. Sunil Kotak, Executive Director and CEO, Kotak Urja said, “As a leading player in its space, Kotak Urja is proud to be associated with REI for the past 10 years. We have seen REI grow in terms of coverage, stature. It outweighs others in terms of professionalism and international outreach to emerge as India’s premier Renewable Energy exhibition and is an excellent platform for stakeholders to get in front of key customers, partners and the press to showcase the integration of products and systems into larger solutions. The solar industry is facing a few headwinds such as impact of GST on the longer run, and the proposed anti-dumping duty. It would be prudent for policy makers to incentivize domestic manufacturers of Solar Modules and Storage Systems. A uniformity across policies of States for Open Access will also help. The outlook for the industry, however, remains strong, and we as a Company and the industry are well prepared to face the growth opportunity that is on offer. Karnataka has been the leader of policy making in the renewable energy sector and I hope the following state government will keep up the momentum to mark its position as the implementation partner in garnering renewable energy as it has an enormous potential to grow.”

Mr. Rajeshwar Bhat, MD, Juwi India Renewable Energies Private Limited said, “Industry today is poised for tremendous growth in solar PV projects, both for free field and rooftops. Today the industry has achieved the grid parity prices or prices lower than grid parity. These PPA prices have been achieved assuming low cost of imported Chinese modules. The module cost which forms 60% of the project cost has risen by more than 10-12% in the last 3 months since the offer for these projects. Hence, assuming a forward price based on uncertain global market scenario of supply and demand is not sustainable for the industry. We believe this current increase of cost of modules will impact the funding for the projects and the quality of execution. If the projects need to be completed on time with funding agencies backing up the projects, the industry needs to offer reasonable PPA prices in the market for sustainable business for the next 3-5 years. This also triggers the need for larger investment in India for wafers and cell, module manufacturing plants to remain competitive and the solar energy to be the mainstay of Power in India. REI is one of the largest platforms where all the important stakeholders participate to ensure effective deliberations, consensus and decision making to reach the vision of 100GW in solar PV projects. The government of Karnataka has been taking efforts to improve the renewable energy market in the state. The Pawagada solar park is a key location and the government initiatives, if continued will help the industry to provide renewable energy to their consumers at a reasonable rate. The mix of thermal and renewable power is the way for a state like Karnataka.”

Mr. Saptak Ghosh, Research Scientist, Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy said, “The ambitious target of 175 GW by 2022 set by the Government of India for solar power generation will involve commissioning of projects across the length and breadth of the country and that’s a tremendous opportunity for us. REI provides a holistic and a great networking platform for Solar PV Product Manufacturers, EPC players and equipment suppliers to meet, connect and discuss upcoming opportunities, explore how they can collaborate to collectively contribute towards achieving the 100GW target set by Govt. of India. Large scale solar power and ground mounted megawatt solar projects plants are taking off. Rooftop policies have been changing so fast over the past 2 years and it has become a task for the sector to gain steady momentum. Once these policies fall into place, it will be easier for us to chart out a stable road map for the 1 GW target. The liberal policies towards Open Access will help.The forward thinking of the Karnataka government, along with continuation strong policies can help various sectors avail the profits of reasonable renewable energy.”

Speaking on the announcement of the 11th anniversary of Renewable Energy India, Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India said, “The Indian solar sector is growing rapidly with a capacity addition of 4,765MW during H1 of 2017, according to a recent report. Rooftop solar is also showing a robust growth as solar power becomes increasingly more attractive with falling costs. Besides, India has recently moved up to the second spot from third position in this year’s ‘Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index’, nudging past US. All this is acting as a huge pull for international investors and equipment suppliers. UBM India’s objective for the 2017 edition of REI Expo is “Accelerating the Momentum…From Ambition to Action” being the theme of the show this year, and to bridge the gap between industry, Government & Investors.”

He added, “In a nutshell, REI 2017 is a marquee event in this sector with multiple country participation, best of technology, cost effective solutions, participation of Industry leaders, various country delegation, top global brands exhibiting their product and solution offerings, and a content rich conference.”

About UBM India:
UBM India is India’s leading exhibition organizer that provides the industry with platforms that bring together buyers and sellers from around the world, through a portfolio of exhibitions, content led conferences & seminars. UBM India hosts over 25 large scale exhibitions and 40 conferences across the country every year; thereby enabling trade across multiple industry verticals. A UBM Asia Company, UBM India has offices across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. UBM Asia is owned by UBM plc which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. UBM Asia is the leading exhibition organizer in Asia and the biggest commercial organizer in mainland China, India and Malaysia.
For further details, please visit http://www.ubmindia.in.

About UBM plc:
UBM plc is the largest pure-play B2B Events organiser in the world. In an increasingly digital world, the value of connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important. At UBM, our deep knowledge and passion for the industry sectors we serve allow us to create valuable experiences where people can succeed. At our events people build relationships, close deals and grow their businesses. Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors – from fashion to pharmaceutical ingredients. These global networks, skilled, passionate people and market-leading events provide exciting opportunities for business people to achieve their ambitions.
For more information, go to http://www.ubm.com; for UBM corporate news, follow us on Twitter at @UBM, UBM Plc LinkedIn

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