Ms. Usha Harish, Nutritionist
Ms. Usha Harish, Nutritionist


Bengaluru, Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil presented the “Good Living Cookery Class” an initiative to provide a platform for ladies to learn exotic dishes from renowned Chef’s for the discerning audience at Bengaluru. This edition of the “Freedom Good Living Cookery Class” was conducted by Chef Shyam Prasad & Chef. Sridhar K who demonstrated the recipes for Sweet Potato Cutlet, Mushroom kebab, Mixed Sprout Parota, Chenna pode at NANDHANA Party Hall, No 1,1st Stage, West of Chord road, Dhobhi ghat signal, Opp. Variar bakery, Rajaji Nagar, Benguluru-10. Also the nutritionist Ms. Usha Harish shared some vital tips to incorporate some food combinations and quick cooking tips to help the participants Eat Health, Live Healthy. The Cookery class received fantastic response from the participants. The class provided loads of fun & excitement to the participants who were seen bubbling with enthusiasm.

Chef Mr. Shyam Prasad & Mr. Sridhar K interacted with the participants, gave useful health, cooking tips and shared four of their most popular healthy recipes. The people participated with great enthusiasm and were seen having a great time at the cookery class. The chefs brought a delightful feast of authentic mouth watering recipes in an innovative healthy avaatar. The guests were also given a chance to taste the dishes prepared by chefs.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. P. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, Vice President – Sales Marketing, Freedom Refined Sunflower oil said, “We have received an overwhelming response to the ‘Freedom Good Living Cookery Class’. It was a pleasure watching the chefs cook various dishes and the amazing participation from the audience. We are pleased to organize the ‘Freedom Good Living Class’ and provide the home cooks an opportunity to learn the recipes from the elite professionals. This is the third class for the series of Freedom refined sunflower oil presents the good living cookery class in Bengaluru. We will be organizing more such workshops across the city. I thank the chefs for showing amazing healthy recipes in our cookery class and giving the participants Freedom to Eat and Freedom to Enjoy.”

About Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil
Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil promotes ‘guilt-free eating’ and its brand promise is captured by its tagline ‘Freedom to eat, Freedom to enjoy’. It is a premium quality Sunflower oil available at a competitive price point. It is a leading brand of Sunflower oil and currently ranksNo. 1 by market share in the Sunflower Oil category in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh& Odisha (Source: Nielsen Retail Index Service for the Refined Sunflower Oils : All Packs category for MAT ended March 2017). Freedom Sunflower Oil is clear, lite and low-absorbing and has been fortified with Vitamins A & D. It is also rich in naturally occurring Vitamin E. Its low absorbing property allows you to cook more food in less oil. It is thus a healthier choice for the entire family.

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