2nd edition of Own Business Day puts an increased emphasis on digitization of Kiranas

 Bangalore : Whether it is the kirana store who supplies our daily grocery or the local eatery who can give any reputed chef a run for his money – independent business owners do not only make our lives convenient, they also play an important role for our community and the economy. Since their inception METRO Cash and Carry, India has played a crucial role in fostering traders, kiranas, HoReCa’s and other SMBs. In a bid to renew this commitment and pay tribute to the enduring dedication of independent businesses, METRO Cash and Carry India observed ‘Own Business Day’ on October 10th, along with their global counterparts in 25 countries. Through this event, the Company will reach out to 21 million METRO customers worldwide along with several other small and independent businesses.

The ubiquitous Kirana/Trader is a window into India’s social, cultural and economic soul. There are 12 million of small traders in India, each of them serving a catchment that can go from just 80 to over 100 families. The sheer scale and reach of these independent businesses is a testimony of the huge impact that it has on the Indian economy. However, more often than not, independent businesses in India suffer from the lack of infrastructure, support or expertise to market their products effectively to their customers. Through Own Business Day, METRO Cash and Carry aims at bringing newer and better opportunities to these businesses while providing a platform for them to connect and build stronger relationships with their own customers. In the long run, this endeavor aims at having a larger impact on shaping the marketplace and the economy.

Says, Arvind Mediratta, CEO & MD, METRO Cash and Carry, India, “At METRO, we feel a strong connection with the millions of business owners around the world, as we bring the same passion and dedication that make own businesses more successful to our daily work. Because we know: Our own success depends on the success of our customers. Through this year’s Own Business Day we have had many meaningful interactions with our trader partners which has enriched and benefitted both. The objective of Own Business Day also syncs perfectly with the Indian Government’s focus on skilling for SMEs. The company regularly conducts customer engagement programs for various target groups in a bid to equip the traders better and acquire skills that will help them upgrade and scale up. Taking another crucial step in that direction, METRO will be handing over 100 POS machines to their trader partners across the country. This would help the traders digitize the business effectively, helping them manage digital invoicing and receive greater transparency in business and compliance for GST etc.

 Own Business day is a platform that is open to both customers and non-customers of METRO, thus trying best to encompass the entire segment. We look forward to growing this platform and emerging as a true enabler for all independent businesses, helping them grow, scale up and make positive contributions to the economy. After all, there is no business like Own Business.”

The endeavor took shape a few months ago with the launch of Own Business Day online hub – a worldwide platform for independent businesses from across all 25 countries to register their business, curate a special offer and reach out to their community and customers. India has received over 8000 registrations from independent businesses. A majority of these companies will participate in the 3 day exhibition that will be held at several METRO wholesale outlets across the country, where they get an opportunity to showcase their products and connect with a larger community of traders and customers.

About METRO Cash & Carry

METRO Cash & Carry is represented in 25 countries with over 750 self-service wholesale stores. With a headcount of more than 100,000 employees worldwide, the wholesale company achieved sales of around €29 billion in financial year 2015/16. METRO Cash & Carry is part of the METRO AG. METRO AG is an internationally leading specialist in wholesale and food retail. With its sales lines METRO Cash & Carry and Real as well as its other associated companies, METRO AG operates in 35 countries and employs more than 140,000 people around the world. The company provides custom solutions to meet the regional and international needs of its wholesale and retail customers. METRO Cash & Carry entered the Indian market in 2003. The company currently operates twenty-four wholesale distribution centers including six in Bangalore, four in Hyderabad, two each in Mumbai and Delhi, and one each in Kolkata, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Zirakpur, Amritsar, Vijayawada, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore and Lucknow.

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