L-R: Mr Thomas Mathew, COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru
Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, Senior Consultant HPB and Multi-organ Transplant Surgeon and Director of the Pancreas Transplant Program, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital
Patient 1 Mr. Praveen
Patient 2 is Ms. Sharbani
Dr Anil Kumar, Senior Consultant, Nephro-Urologyat BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital


Bangalore: BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, a part of Parkway Pantai, has lived up to its reputation of being a multi-organ transplant centre byrecently achieving the rare feat of completing itsfifth successful pancreas transplantation in Karnataka. Pancreas transplants are usually done for patients with Type 1 diabetes whose native pancreases do not produce any insulin.
Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, Senior Consultant HPB and Multi-organ Transplant Surgeon and Director of the Pancreas Transplant Program at BGSGleneagles Global Hospital said, “Type-1 Diabetes is a very serious condition which leads to a lot of complications. The patients are usually very young and by the time they are in their teens, develop one or the other complication. The most commonly affected organ is the kidney, leading to kidney failure. If these patients are given simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant it not only cures the diabetes and prevents all of its complications, but also increases the life span of the transplanted kidney. Transplantation of the Pancreas is one of the most complex transplant operations. We are very happy that all five surgeries have been successful and the patients are doing well.”
Gleneagles Global Hospitals is known for its transplant program and performs liver, kidney, pancreas and heart transplants. They have been the first hospital to perform a pancreas transplantation procedure in Karnataka, and are the only hospital in the state to have completed 5 successful Pancreas transplants.
One of the patients who underwent a successful transplant has been Mr. Praveen, 32 years of age. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 17 years ago, and has been living with it since then. As a complication of diabetes, he developed eye problems. 4 years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and has had to undergo dialysis for the past three years. Finally, he came to BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals seeking a kidney transplant. After examination and evaluation by the medical team at the hospital, they were of the opinion that the patient would be better served by a simultaneous pancreas kidney transplant. This would not only treat the kidney failure of the patient, but also treat the diabetes as well, preventing the future development of complications of diabetes while also increasing the life of the transplanted kidney. The surgery took 7 hours, but Dr Suresh Raghavaiah is happy to report that the patient withstood the surgery very well, and was able to be taken off insulin and dialysis immediately after surgery.
Along with Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, DrRaghavendra, Dr Sunil and DrDeepthiwere part of the surgical team. Anaesthesia support was provided by the expert team under HOD DrKutappa includingDrNagesh, DrAninditha and DrArun. DrMadhu and team provided critical care assistance. Dr Anil Kumar and team managed the patients’ immune suppression post surgery while Dr Satish Babu and DrSrinath were part of the endocrinology team.
Dr Anil Kumar, Senior Consultant, Nephro-Urologyat BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital added “With time, type 1 diabetes can affect the kidneys, leading to kidney failure. Most often these patients undergo a kidney transplant alone. But this does not prevent them from all the other effects of diabetes like damage to the blood vessels, nerves, eyes and the heart. A Pancreas transplant not only arrests the development of these complications, but also has been found to reverse them in the early stages.All five patients had kidney failure due to diabetes and were receiving daily insulin injections as well as undergoing regular dialysis. All patients have received both a pancreas and kidney transplant. We are happy to report that our oldest patient has sustained these organs for more than 18 months now, and he continues to be free of diabetes and off dialysis. The most recent case of transplant occurredsix weeks ago, and is doing well. One of the other major benefits is that the patient takes the same medication as he would have if he had a kidney transplant alone”.
Another successful transplant patient is Ms. Sharbani, aged 35 years. She had been suffering from diabetes for more than 20 years, and had developed kidney failure due to the diabetes, having to undergo regular dialysis for the same. Due to the severe nature of the disease, she was frequently having low sugar levels, which would lead to her losing consciousness. She came to the hospital seeking a kidney transplant operation, but was advised a simultaneous pancreas kidney transplant by the medical team, as they rightly felt that it would not only treat her kidney failure but her diabetes as well. The patient withstood the surgery well, and was taken off of insulin and dialysis immediately after surgery. After a stay of 10 days in the hospital, she was discharged from the hospital in a stable condition, continuing her treatment and assessment as an out-patient.
“Pancreas transplants are relatively new to India”, says Dr Suresh. “While more than 17000 pancreas transplants have already been performed in the USA, in India only around 60 transplants have been performed of which 5 have been in our hospital alone. Since the surgery is very complex and the patient needs a dedicated team of surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and critical care experts, not many hospitals have attempted to do pancreas transplants and awareness even amongst the medical community is low. We hope that the success of these patients will encourage other patients to explore Pancreas Transplant as a treatment option”.
Mr Thomas Mathew, COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru adds, “Gleneagles Global Hospitals has an amazing history of successful multi-organ transplants, having performed the maximum number of simultaneous multi-organ transplants in Karnataka. We are proud to be one of the top 3 hospitals in the country and the only hospital in Karnataka to have completed so many successful pancreas transplants.We have a multidisciplinary team of doctors including endocrinologists, nephrologists, anesthetists, critical care specialists and surgeons who deal exclusively with transplant patients. Pancreas transplant is one of the most complex surgeries and having a multi disciplinary team caring for the patient helps improve the outcomes. We aim to work with the clinical experts to build awareness of world class solutions and make them more available and accessible to our nation.”

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