Bangalore : Srishti Bakshi, Founder CrossBow Miles and an Empower Women Champion for Change 2016-2017** today engaged in thought relevant conversations over a panel discussion on gender divide and the growing parity. Titled as “From birth to career peak, why does the gender divide keep increasing and what can be done to reduce this”, the panel discussion was hosted by CrossBow Miles on behalf of the National Commission for Women at Bangalore. The panel comprised of eminent personalities namely Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Member of Parliament), Brinda Adiga (Woman Activist), Sona Mohapatra (Singer, Composer & Lyricist), Pragya Prasun (Founder, Atijeevan Foundation), Lakshmi Pratury (Founder & CEO, INK) and Srishti Bakshi (Founder, CrossBow Miles).

The campaign so far has resulted in Srishti engaging with over 4000 people in 40 days. With over 51,59,593 steps clocked on the app, with over 700 kms covered by Srishti on foot, this campaign has been unfolding a host of benefits to women and children across different causes like education, empowerment to name a few. Over 15 insightful and educational workshops have been hosted in educational institutes, rural areas and self-help groups. The team has covered the gambit of Tamil Nadu identifying key issues like dowry and alcoholism that is becoming a key challenge. With complete awareness, changes have been forthcoming. In Bangalore, the team has been conducting a host of workshops and panel discussions with Bethany school, Teach for India, Yuva Loka, Accenture as well as a panel discussion on Know Your Rights (KYR). Further, a night walk was organised on October 28, 2017, in Bangalore, to reclaim the night as a safe space for girls and women.

Speaking on the panel discussion, Srishti Bakshi said, “The panel discussion was critical to ideate and understand a large societal issue like gender bias that has been unaffected despite the economic progress of the country. By understanding the root of the problem being mind-sets, cultural norms and historic practices, there is a need to create awareness, remove mind-set blockages and present these new views as the key to a better tomorrow. Our campaign CrossBow Miles has been closely engaged with the ‘real India’ and we believe all the feedback received will enable us to drive change and make their voices count, relevant and heard. I am grateful that these thought leaders came together on our invitation to share ideas and listen to how each of them can make a difference.”

Reiterating her mission of women safety and empowerment through digital and financial literacy, she further added, “This campaign is a fight against mind-sets that challenge the overall development of our country for which women are known to be the heart of this progress. Through digital and financial literacy, we can prepare women to be informed and empowered individuals capable of navigating through deeply entrenched social norms. This campaign is for both men and women, as we believe inclusivity is the key to social success. As we continue our focus, the digital platform is the way forward and we urge India to collaborate with us and make the difference that we aspire for through their footsteps and information sharing.”

Extending their support to this initiative and powering this campaign, companies like L&T Financial Services (SIP with me India), RB India – Dettol & Harpic (Dettol Banega Swachh India), Jagran Group (Jagran Pehel), ITC – Vivel (#AbSamjhautaNahin), IOCL, GAIL (Hawa Badlo) in addition to other collaborators, have come forward to make a social impact.

**Please note: United Nations Mandate on usage of this text (to be used in full and not in part)
Srishti is an Empower Woman Champion for Change 2016-2017. UN Women’s Empower Women Initiative is dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full economic potential by inspiring both men and women to become to become advocates, change makers and leaders in their community

About CrossBow Miles:
CrossBow Miles is a mass outreach and engagement platform tailored for cause-driven campaigns. Conceptualized and established in 2016, CrossBow Miles is the vision of Srishti Bakshi. It has a special focus on empowering impact projects with analytics, which can make a paradigm shift in how funds flow from sources to these projects. Team CrossBow Miles has embarked on a 260 day and 3800 km on-foot journey across India from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu to Srinagar, Kashmir mobilizing citizens along the way to make India a safer country for women. The team of CrossBow Miles aims to sensitize citizens to the gender divide in the country, which it will combat by empowering women with digital and financial literacy.Through this walk, the team has been conducting workshops on women empowerment, digital and financial literacy, leadership, knowing one’s rights, gender sensitization, health and hygiene. The campaign aims to drive awareness in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi as well as J&K, which will be the route for her entire walk. As radical innovators with an aim to reach 1 billion steps, CrossBow Miles is cumulating steps collected on their app (digital platform available on Apple and Android), which is being recorded as a remote footstep contribution by any individual willing to make a difference. These steps collected serve as virtual support to organisations’ working in the areas of education, skill development, health & hygiene and women empowerment.

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