Chennai, Tamil Nadu and other parts of the heavy rain and flooding problems recently experienced, the families who lost their loved one is the first I’ve vyaktapadisuttene comfort. I hope the state government will give all possible support. Thiru’re a senior journalist. I am condolences to the death of Mohan.

Dinatanti magazine lined up for 75 years. I Thiru SP Adithanar, Thiru esti Sallisuttene congratulated them on their successful payanakkagi adhitanar and turn balasubramaniyan. Over the past seven decades, the strings of his incredible effort not only in Tamil Nadu Not only the state, the whole country has become a big media brand. I compliment the wire of the group’s management and staff sallisuttene this success.

News channels are currently hundreds of millions of Indians, which operates 24 hours a day home. However, some day begins with a cup of tea in one hand and the newspaper in the other hand. It is not tamilunadinallaste wire this option, Bangalore, Mumbai and Dubai through 17 versions I’ve heard of. This is a considerable expansion over the past 75 years, this newspaper launched in 1942, and is duradarsitvada the leadership of Thiru SP Adithanar honor them. At that time, the printing paper is a rare material, grass, hand-made paper, printing had begun.

That letter size paper, the use of simple language, easy to understand representation of the dinatantiyannu madikolluvantha popularized among the people. At that time, it was the people’s political awareness, information lined up. People read the newspaper to tea shops. That tradition continues to this day. Dinatantiya balanced news release from the state’s top politicians to popularize the daily wage employees.

I’m hearing is that the wire telegram. It is the daily means of a telegram to the wire. Over the past 75 years, the Post Office, supplying a traditional telegram hides and now has lost its existence. However, this telegram is growing daily. It is a noble effort and commitment, backed by the power of the imagination.

A group of Tamil literature, promotion of the strings in the name of its founder, Thiru adithanar Award Ask a pleasure to be established. I turn tamilamban laureate, Dr. VG anbu and turn irayi Santosham hrtphurvakavagi to congratulate him. This recognition is a noble profession and take baravanegeyannu encouraging factor.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Puratanavaddu thirst for knowledge in human history. The journalism has contributed to relieve hunger. Suddigalannaste to the newspapers today, they are in our thoughts and the world aimed at offering samyak news. In terms of the extended format, the media tool of social transformation. That is why we say that the media in democracy, in the fourth limb. I raise a consensus in society today, the most important being the life of the spirit and the power of the pen pradarsisuvavara iruvududakke pleasure in the meantime.

The blackest days of the colonial era, Rajaram Mohan Roy’s conversation Kaumudi, Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi’s Navajivan newspapers saffron kiccuhacci of freedom, inspired by the struggle for full independence, he said. There are many giants of journalism across the country, we have always had a comfortable life. Mudisiddare collective consensus and awareness through their magazine. It is the culmination of the founder of the diggajagala the top of the imagination, that’s why the British were still on their impression of the awareness of the founding of several newspapers.


Generations to society and to the nation that we never should have performed the duties required. That’s why I got independence. The importance of the rights of citizens gained independence in public. But over time we have in our personal and collective duties maretiruvudu ill. It is in our society today bidubittiruva is responsible for many of the pests. “Pursuing, responsible and conscious citizens” collective awareness is necessary for this day. “Entitled” citizen’s sense of “responsible participation” in the sense of a citizen must be adequately balanced. It is our educational system and our political leaders will have to be through behavior. But the media has a significant role to perform.

Gentlemen and ladies

Given the freedom to form several newspapers, regional language dailies. During the British rule in India, the press hedaruttittu pradesika Language. It is the regional language newspapers. That is why regional newspapers Act came into force in 1878.

Our diversity in the country, regional newspapers andinanteye still retains an important role. They are the people who know the local language and publish the news. They are exploited and socially deprived classes, who often stop here. Their energy, and their responsibility for its impact can not ignore anymore. The purpose of the vision and policies of the government are sandesavahakaragive areas. They, along with people’s thoughts, emotions sparked haccuvavagide.

In this regard, the dynamic print media for today is among the highest-selling magazines include regional newspapers. Hrdayatumbi tantiyu say it was one of these.


Optimized for the world as it is manifested in the newspapers to find news that I have heard people wonder paduvudannu. A serious note, we know that the world is daily becoming more and more ghatisutta incident. Decide what’s important is to choose which editor function. What should be on the first page of the fields, for which we should give more space to decide what they should and should not be ignored.

It imposes a great responsibility on him. The editorial independence of the judicious use for the greater good of the people. Similarly, the freedom to write and what to write, what to add “accuracy kadimeyaddu” or “virtually mistake.” That is not one of liberty. Mahatma Gandhi had said that “the newspapers of the fourth part of society, it is indeed a force, but its abuse is a crime.”

Even if the media is in the hands of the private sector, it strives for a public purpose. Scholars said that the reforms through peaceful means, rather than revolution. Therefore, it is the social responsibility of an elected government or the courts. And its behavior is equally, be above board. If you remember the words of the great saint Thiruvalluvar, “except that there is nothing in this world of morality, it brings fame and riches together.”


Technology has brought about a big change in the media. There was an Blackboard for writing on the main headings of the villages, and there was an amazing reliability. Today, our media village Blackboard on-line Bulletin Board area until all of the range.

Education is now more focused on learning outcomes, as well as the use of the content on our attitude has changed. Today, the news coming from the nagariku they discuss, analyze and accuracy through multiple sources, you will see the palm. Thus, the media need to make more effort to retain their credibility. A healthy competition between the health of our democracy uttamavadudagide reliable media.

IPO subscription figures of Khadim India Limited till 06:00 pm on the final day (November 06, 2017).

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