It was all fun for students of AIMS Institute of Higher Education on Friday. Dancing, cheering and blowing whistles for their friends as they celebrated Fresher’s Day programme. The new batch of students at AIMS got a whole new feel of the campus as they were welcomed with open arms to the Freshers party that was organized particularly for them by the seniors. Hundreds of students participated in the event and showcased their talent in the field of dance, singing and musical band etc.
The freshers’ day programme was inaugurated by Mr Parthasarathy Ray (chairman of Indian Institute of Consumer studies). Speaking on the occasion he said that freshers’ day programmes were the best way to familiarise the freshers with the campus and also with their faculty and senior students. He was happy to be at AIMS seeing at the way the senior students were trying to help their juniors.

Speaking on the occasion, AIMS CEO and principal Dr Kiran Reddy said that the Fresher’s Day parties and introduction programmes were aimed at allaying fears among juniors and develop friendship among the seniors and juniors. Senior students should guide the freshers’ in a proper way for securing good marks, she said.

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