UP CM Yogi Adityanath being welcomed by BJP president B S Yeddyurappa, Union Ministers Anantkumar, Sadananda G and R. Ashok 


BENGALURU: As the Parivarthana yatra enters its last leg, the state BJP leadership could finally heave a sigh of relief after a sold out crowd landed at the Govindrajnagar/Vijaynagar BGS grounds to hear UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s speak.
While Adityanath’s firey speeches may have attracted a sizeable number of party workers, what boosted the morale of the BJP was to see a packed house with most of them turning up due to the man management of local BJP leader, MLC and former minister V Somanna.

Being the sole high profile state leader at the venue, prior to the arrival of BJP state president B.S.Yediyurappa and others, Somanna appeared to have wielded the magic wand to ensure that no less than 70,000 people were at the venue and out, there was not a single empty chair for the cameras to suggest a poor response.

There was breakfast and water which was provided on the spot for the workers who had come to the venue and mega screens for people to see the leaders on the dais.

Somanna put the numbers at no less than 50,000, thanking the party workers to turn up in such huge numbers and coming out in more numbers that expected.

With the grand show of strength in his backyard, being a local lad of Vijayanagar, Somanna did not let opportunity slide in front of a national leader in Yogi and the top echelon of the state leadership to enforce that he is still worthy of an assembly ticket from the constituency at the 2018 hustings.

The former housing minister attacked the incumbent MLA from Vijayanagar M Krishnappa who also holds the same portfolio as Somanna did in the BJP government, for failing the public and not providing the housing schemes like he had done during his tenure.

“Do remember that I as a minister and a local worker have worked for you with schemes, be it drinking water or housing,” he said.

He urged the voters to vote for “change” and to ensure that there is a “BJP wave” in Vijayanagar and adjacent constituency of Govindrajnagar, where Krishnappa’s son Priyakrishna is the sitting MLA.

He also made sure that Yogi was aware of who ensured such a huge crowd come to listen to him, with Somanna’s mentor and union minister H.N.Anatht Kumar, reinforcing the same by citing: “When Yogi Adityanath asked me whether there was a sound system for such a large gathering to hear him speak, I said that Vijayanagara Veeraputra (brave son) V Somanna has ensured that he will be heard in a five kilometers radius of the venue.”
The state government of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the Congress High Command on ATM polls, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who had cow slaughter ban, remember that close to the Hindutva have questioned that why the opposition party.

The massive conversion of the BJP yatra to Bangalore vijayanagar on Sunday, said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Congress government had vehemently pulled the Hindu sticker.

” The government said in a statement that he had asked the Indian. The feeling of Hindutva lived they started fighting. The caste system, castes division celebrated they realize that Hinduism is a way of life. Hindutva is caste, religion and society astounding. Eating beef did not agree with this way of life, ” asserted that the yogi.

” This is the reason why the state government is in power, the BJP was trying to bring cow slaughter Prohibition Act was passed. Siddaramaiah said the Congress-led state opposed this bill. If you say Hindu Why the opposition? Gujarat polls: Rahul Gandhi Hinduism can remember when it was. Now that you approached the election on the basis of caste, religion and society beating , ‘he said.

The burden to the country
Yogi Adityanath time that Congress has the burden to the country, ” Corruption and policy division engaged in the development and empowerment of the Congress will be disrupted. An example of a triple talak Prohibition Act, the Rajya Sabha was disrupted. This is a revolutionary step in the strengthening of Muslim women, ” he said.

” The Congress has fallen behind in the development of such King style. The Center and the state government was in power equivalent to thought is only able to develop all-round. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, youth, farmers are able to holistic development. In the past, the Vajpayee government was in power at the center of Bangalore International Airport and the Metro rail project was given. Modi has been given during the Smart City Project, funded by the state government not doing in that sector, ” he said.
” The law and order situation day by day worsened. Assassinations, riots going on. There was a similar state of Uttar Pradesh in the past. But our government came to power, then we are not allowing such events, ” he said.

Contempt of Congress across the country,

” Congress tiraskarisuttiddare people across the country. The outcome of the recently held elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat has proved it once again. In Gujarat, BJP won six times, if it were possible to achieve in the state of Karnataka ‘Why,’ he said.

The program Yaddyurappa BJP, Union Minister Ananth Kumar, D.V.sadanandagauda, Prakash Javadekar, BJP leader Jagadish Shettar, KS, Shobha Karandlaje MP, PC Mohan, former Minister R Ashok, Suresh Kumar , CT Ravi, MLA NL Narendrababu, Vishwanath, Vijay Kumar, Asvatthanarayana, Narayanaswamy, B.J. puttasvami were present.

” Southern Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and several religious similarities. Manjunath Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and is known as Gorakanathnannu. However Gorakanathna Caste branch. Karnataka’s heritage is closely linked with the Nath, Nath tradition, belonged to the monastery MS Ramaiah, ‘ said Yogi.
Hanuma Birthplace

” If by country Uttar Pradesh Rama, Birthplace of Hanuma. Find sitamate in bringing about the establishment and the making of Utopia Bajarang Rama stood together. How ramajayanti Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka home, in the splendor of Hanuma Hanuma Jayanti is celebrated in the same way they celebrate , ” a significant role in the next elections, which gave a clue about Hanuma Jayanti.

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