KPCC President Dinesh Gundurav and NSUI Members protesting in Bengaluru.



Bangalore / Mysore. BJP, RSS are militants, including the Association of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said in a statement jammed in the political sphere. In addition, KPCC President Dinesh Gundurav urged them to boycott BJP and Sangh group poured ghee into the fire of controversy.

State BJP leaders strongly with this statement, said Amit Shah, Holalkere transition voyage to the ” anti-Hindu BJP government, ” as saying on Monday. State BJP general secretary CT Ravi, including some of the party ” We Hindus and the RSS, BJP activists proud. Arrest us when we had Karnataka, ‘he challenged.

On the coast of communal riots, a series of killings in the Assembly elections approaching in between. In the wake of this vote bank in political parties to compete against each other, he said. In the midst of such a situation, the BJP and the Sangh family thrown in Karnataka state politics rise they are levelled as terrorists. However, the chief minister’s controversial statement in the Congress maintained the elders of the gap.

Siddaramaiah said?

Chamarajanagar, Nagavalli. The government’s performance prior to the event on Wednesday in the village of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told reporters responded to the question, ‘BJP, RSS and Bajrang Dal militants. Terrorists likewise. The government did not work for anybody. PFI may be. Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad may be. Harmonious society, harmonious undermine those who cannot tolerate those who communalism. Those who can take action against the government, ‘he warned Evidence.

PFI, SDPI a moratorium on the organization of the party responded to the pressure brought by the thing, ’cause of action of that kind of evidence is not available. Wanted the record, ” he said.
” I am a Hindu. That’s the name of my lies. However, we Hindus of humanity. Make use of religion and caste politics. We will no longer have to work on that. BJP claim that there is nothing for people who have done such development work. Thus, Hinduism, Hinduism, and made me go off. Humanity in the past I have. They are Hindus who Humanity. This is the difference between us and them, ‘he told the conference, defended the piece of equipment.

Said Dinesh gundurav?

” SDPI, asking to ban PFI. Anger apply the rule applicable to them. So the Sangh Parivar, including the BJP and the RSS, you will need to Bhajrang ban. SDPI, PFI has taken action against the allegations from the government. Some of them were arrested. As well as a number of BJP workers have taken part in the killings. Whilst the Association of them. What is your answer, ‘he said KPCC president Dinesh Gundurav challenge.

Gram Panchayat member of the government at least not eligible brazen. The lunatics have lost their fear of losing the election NIMHANS to the hospital inserted into the psychological mood.

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