MASS AMBULANCE . Sri.H.M.Revanna, Hon’ble Transport Minister, Dr.N.K.Venkataramana, Neurosurgeon, Brains – Sparsh Hospital, Sri.K.Gopala Poojary, Hon’ble Chairman and MLA, KSRTC, Sri. Basavaraj Bulla, Vice Chairman of KSRTC ,  Sri Ravi S. IPS Director(S&V), Sri.K.Srinivas. KAS, Director (P&E), Board of Directors, Sri. S.R. Umashankar, IAS, Managing Director, KSRTChas presented First Aid Kit and  silver medal to Accident free Drivers, on the occasion of “ Signing  of MOU with “ Golden Hour Trust on 12th   Jan 2018 at  11-30 am, at Bangalore Central Division, 4th Depot, Behind KSRTC  Central Office.

KSRTC will organize Master Health Check up for its entire staff with the help of Jayadeva Hospital, Bengaluru.
In the coming days the ambulance numbers will be extended.
Silver Medal for accident free drivers

Bengaluru. KSRTC introduced Silver medal in 1982 for accident free and default free drivers and diver-cum-conductors to motivate, to encourage and to make less accident. The eligibility of the silver medal award is 5 years accident free driving with no default cases against the awardees.
Details of Silver medal:
Driver/Driver-cum-conductor allotted at scheduled routes Driver/Driver-cum-conductor allotted at depots Vehicle pool (LMV)
Minimum year
05 years 07 years
Cash price (one time)
Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-
Yearly incentive
Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
“Gandaberunda” Silver medal of 32 grams

86 Driver/Driver-cum-Conductors were awarded form the year 2013,2014,2015 and 2016 this time

1.Accident Mass Rescue Wagon (Helps to save precious lives)

For the first time in Karnataka, KSRTC on his new chassis, has designed and built Ambulance in-house with the support of Ms/ Comprehensive Trauma Consortium a Mass Casualty Wagon to accommodate 08 critically injured victims on the spinal board in the lying down position and another 16 victims with minor injuries in the seated position, to render professional Medical aid in the event of mass casualties, especially on the highways to render professional medical aid in the event of mass casualties, especially on the highways.

The Accident Rescue Wagon is fully equipped with modem medical systems:
Automated External Defibrillators (AED), ECG/PULSE Oxymetry Monitors, Centralized Suction facility, Pneumation Splints, Inbuilt Oxygen and Suction pipelines, Spinal Boards, Comprehensive custom-made First Aid Kits, Jumbo Oxgen Cylinders, Extrication equipments, GPS for tracking and monitoring, Wireless communication System, Vehicle fitted with CC TV

Advantages: In the event of the mass casualties, more than 10 such ambulances need to mobilized within a short period. Shifting all the injured victims with the Golden Hour is crucial. Moreover shifting the injured in multiple ambulance/vehicles leads to different logistic problems and different results. Dedicated trained paramedics will render the first aid and resuscitate the victims within the Golden Hour.

This special Ambulance Wagon will be strategically located near HEBBAL (Veterinary College Bus Bay) to provide immediate trauma care and safe transportation in the event of mass casualties and this would be an effective rescue wagon for any disaster.

If anyone witnesses a mass casualty they need to call 1062 and the call centre will dispatch the Ambulance wagon the distress location to the nearest route using digital maps, GPS. They should provide the details of the disaster, including the location of the disaster, magnitude & approximate number of casualties.

2.KSRTC is Singning with Golden Hour trust for a Training program:
Golden Hour refers to the crucial hour immediately after a medical emergency or injury when the right medical treatment is most likely to save lives. It is well established that a patient’s chances of survival are greatest if he receives care within the shortest period of time, or within an hour of suffering an emergency. The right medical attention within the Golden Hour can prevent 30% of deaths at site and 80% of delayed deaths.
This program aims to develop First responder who is trained in simple life saving medical techniques that can be performed with minimal equipments. The participants are also taught to conduct patient survey by opening the Airway, check for breathing and check for pulse. This is 4-6 Hour program designed as per GOLDEN HOUR Terms & Policies and as per customized guidelines of “American Heart Association” (AHA) heart saver first aid program.

Presently following Employees of KSRTC are being trained in KSRTC training institutes i.e Central Training Institute, Bengaluru, Regional Training Institute, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru and Malavalli by Golden Hour Training Academy.

Sl. No Staff No of Employees
1 Drivers 11,009
2 Conductors 3,583
3 Driver cum Conductors 13,704
4 Mechanical Staff 5,193
5 Admin Staff 3,292
Total 36781

After the completion of training a certificate will be given along with Badge stating “I am a life saver”.

3.Golden Hour trust is handing over 400 first aid kits to KSRTC for premium service.


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