Bengaluru. After having received Doctorate Award by International Open University for Humanity, Health and Science , Peace, for his social work in Hosur , Tamil Nadu Dr. Mr. Ramappa, Head of Chief Charity  sigandur  Chowdeshweri Temple Said ‘’Ramappa had been worked for 30 years with helping for poor and downtrodden people and agriculture help,  resolved family dispute, Bore wells for poor people  They said it is not only unscientific but benefits certain sections at the cost of others. Have clarified that the Common  community is a backward community, living in poor conditions’’.

He said that Common community played a key role during, policy of providing financial assistance to the community for safeguarding their distinct identity. “That includes critical funding through the State Department for important efforts, like those in support of a genuinely like  autonomous Sigandur, like single place of God Chowdeshweri (Parameshweri) that advance and protect World’s  interests in the world, “Focusing our efforts will allow us to advance our most important policy goals and national security interests, while ensuring that other helping  countries contribute their fair share toward meeting global challenges,” the official said requesting anonymity.

“As they work to streamline efforts to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of work is worship, they acknowledge that Dr.Ramappa  have to prioritise and make some tough choices,” Assured to provide help for the building of the community and release of more fund from state fund.

Dr.Shivappa,  IES NITI Ayog, India. Also quoted people  took advantage of the moving flock of community to draw the attention of the government. However, owing to the selfish politics, they could not come up in politics. Learn from peace, recognizing others, Keep dignity, be role model to community, rendered service by you.

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