Bengaluru. SBI SC/ST Employees welfare Association Karnataka, is one stop to provide welfare related services and other information to the citizens of SC/ST. It is an integrated Association organized a special General body Meeting at Town Hall in Bengaluru today. Demanded that at all levels reservations should help to SC/ST Community, representational CDS system. The 22.9% and upto 4% to 6% at all levels to be allotted and   to provide related services for the community which can be a very powerful tool to bridge the digital divide in the state, be it with the customers and the citizens, Government and the Businesses, community within the SEWA etc. The Service delivery centre can use this community to provide citizen centric services to the community by setting up a kiosk at the villages and cities. The aim of SC/ST is to make Welfare services more accessible, cost-effective, accountable and transparent. It also provides the citizens with necessary awareness and assistance on government schemes and facilities to the community through effective information dissemination. It is a step towards seamless integration of the services of various welfare schems. It also helps the community in streamlining/simplifying the procedures/processes of the community  by removing cumbersome, time consuming and non-value adding steps/processes of the community so as to provide better services to the citizens of SC/ST. It also builds accountability.

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