Bengaluru. More than five thousand employees of the various departments of govt and various corporations belonging to the cadres employees, eligible daily wage employees and took out a rally to Freedom park and assembled there to start an ‘’indefinite’’ agitation .

The indefinite agitation is being held under the leadership of Dr.K.S. Sharma, President Karnataka state Govt. Daily wage employees federation of Hubli. Contract employees belonging to the cadres of data entry operations from Nada Katcheries, Sub Registrars, ect, Group-d workers of land records office, saudies/Task work employees of the irrigation departments, cook/cook assistants of Hostels social welfare ect.  Daily wage employees of forest, Health Education ect are participated .

The federation has helped twenty main demands on behalf of contract employees, eligible Daily wage employees and regularised Daily wage employees, the main demands are payment of equal pay equal work as decided by the supreme court to all contract workers on par with permanent employees; abolition of the unjust and exploitative contract system and ordering absorption of all those presently working on contract as regular workman; To stop all recruitment of new employees I place of contract workers. On behalf of ‘Eligible daily wage Employees’’ notified under Karnataka Daily wage employees welfare Act, 2002, the Federation has placed ten demands, which include grant of new pension and 12 months Ex-gratia as included in the welfare Act, 2012, declaring 100 percent DA and HRA, granting encashment of earned leave, posting them against eisting sactioned posts ect. The other demand of regularised Daily Wage Employees is amending Rule 247A to grant equally eight years of additional qualification service and removing the existing discrimination. The Federation has demanded creation of Tax collectors posts in all Municipal Corporations, Municipalities,Town Panchats and absorbing the private Tax Consultants in those posts. Dr. K.S.Sharma is leading the agitation has said that all demands of the Federation are just and the government should grant all its demands

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