Bangalore. Association of physicians in India (API) was formed in 1944 with the objective to encourage and advance medical knowledge and promote research in field of medicine. At present national API has about 18000members. In order to give all its members a chance to present their research material and update their knowledge API conducts this conference APICON. APICON is conducted in different cities every year.

API Karnataka chapter is hosting this year’s conference at Dr.Babu Rajendra Prasad international auditorium, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) campus, G’K-V-K’ Hebbal, this year between 22nd to 25th February. Earlier API Karnataka has
hosted 5 APICON meetings in Karnataka,

Theme of the conference is “ Dawn of a new era in medicine”.We are discussing about newer innovation in the field of medicines,newer techniques,medical devices and patient care. Experts from different subspecialities of medicine will
discuss and share current concepts with participants.

Total number of delegates registered are Eight thousand Physicians. About twenty international experts are participating as faculty from USA,UK,Australia Bangladesh. Some of the highlights of the conference are

A live endoscopic workshop by Dr.Nageshwar Reddy, internationally acclaimed gastroenterologist. He is going to demonstrate newer techniques in the field of

Dr.BeviShetty, well known cardiothoracic surgeon in the city is discussing on affordable health care to transform Indian economy.

Dr.Bibhuthi Saha is discussing on vaccine development in malaria. Despite preventive methOdS and treatment, malaria remains a burden in our country.

Obesity continues to be an epidemic in our country. The problem it causes to the individuals are well known. Less known respiratory complications which are important are being discussed by Dr.Geoff Chadwle.
Newer diseases like Dengue,Typhus are discussed in detail. Also Zika a newer viral infection which causes serious problems in Americas and elsewhere are also discussed. Few laboratory confirmed cases also reported from our country. Chances of its threat to Indian population will be discussed.

This four day conference facilitates a chance to showcase Karnataka’s Culture & Heritage. This will be a wonderful Opportunity to practicing physicians and medical students. About one thousand scientific research papers are being presented by physicians and post graduate students

This conference also gives opportunities to manufacturers of different Newer instruments to exhibit their products.

Inauguration of the conference will be held on 22″d February at 6:30 pm at Dr.Babu Rajendra Prasad international auditorium,(UAS), Hebbal. Bharatratna Dr.C.N.R. Rao will inaugurate the conference. Dr.Sharanaprakash Patil, Honourable Minister for Medical education & Mr. Krishna Byregowda,
Honourable Minister for Agriculture will be the guest of honors.Dr.Pritham Gupta National chairman of API will preside the function.
Indian College of Physician a part of APl also conducts its Annual Convocation

ceremony on 23rd Feb at 6 pm. Where more than 100 senior physicians from India and two international faculty will receive fellowship.

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