1-Noble Cause, an Educational Initiative that a student could obtain with Global Standards. This entire routine usually takes more than 3 to 6 months, depending on the Destination and Un


Bengaluru. Keeping in line with India achieving new records, especially to help the community, we Krishna Consultants in Bangalore, would like to pen down our proposal to SET A WORLD RECORD in the area of Overseas Education arena, which perhaps has never been ventured ever and request your kind participation in the same. Please note that the participation from the respective University delegates in the event is NOT mandatory as it is Unique and one of a kind, but we would need complete support from your International Office and University Department counterparts to join us in this attempt to achieve the record.

Highlights of the Event:
We have approached Limca Book of Records who would be associated with this event and would be recording the attempt and in case of success would include the participants in their book of World Records.

Event Proposal: A one of its kind, extremely unique, 1 DAY -24 Hours, Admissions Cum Visa to Overseas Universities. What we propose to do is Split the Destination Countries according to their Time Zones:
Zone 1: Australia/ NZ and Singapore

We request those Universities in these Destinations to devote 4 hours of the particular day of the event just to process our Applications and give immediate Decisions (Offers or Refusals). Students who are interested in applying to these destinations will start coming in between 6 to 10AM IST (Office hours of the respective destinations), and those who get their offers would then be sent to Financial Institutions (if needed) for Immediate Finance Approval (We are in talks with financial institutions such as The Bank of Baroda, Credila, Axis Bank, etc requesting them for Immediate decisions). We are well aware that not all students will get the approval due to various reasons such as ITR’s of sponsors, Cybil score, etc, but those who do, would then be prompted to ACCEPT the offers and PAY THE DEPOSITS immediately and would be handed out confirmation of enrollments / I20, CAS, ECOE etc from the respective Universities. Once again not all the students would be able to make an immediate decision, but those who do, will then apply for their Visas (by completing all the formalities as needed by the respective destinations) on the same day. We are in talks with Forex and Notary who would be present at the premises to help expedite visa application. Not all countries would approve Visa on the same day, but Countries such as Australia for instance are known to give out their E-visas in around 30 min’s, similarly, we have NZ who make extremely quick visa decisions, and if this happens “WE CREATE HISTORY” We do not expect a huge number of Visas to be applied or approved in a day, but even if we were to do it for 1 student, WE ARE IN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. So, the concept basically is “A Student Walks in On a Particular Day for applying to an overseas University and Walk’s out with Visa at the end of the day.”

(For countries which take long time to process Visas such as Ireland, we will apply for Visa on the same day and let the students know that they will receive their visa in about 4 weeks duration, which would still be a Record). This is a Noble Cause, an Educational Initiative that a student could obtain with Global Standards. This entire routine usually takes more than 3 to 6 months, depending on the Destination and University, which we are trying to cut short to a SINGLE DAY.

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