Bangalore: JD (S) has fielded a positive campaign in the assembly polls. 75 fully equipped LED propaganda vehicles carrying out the announcement of ‘Power for Development – Government of the People’ will travel across the state.

The JDS has chosen a different path in the field of poll campaign where the Congress and the BJP are both sides of the national parties. The JDS has sought to woo the voters with the prospect of past power in the past, the current flames and their hope of compensation. Campaign vehicles that display the shorts emphasizing the issue of the issues on the LED screen will arrive from Monday.

Festivals, festivals and festivals have begun throughout the state. In addition, these vehicles will be anchored in places where most people and people join together. Short films will be screened on the LED screen about the demands of the former Janata Dal government, the Deve Gowda CM and the state during the Prime Minister, HD Kumaraswamy’s 20-month tenure.

LED vehicles have been started in the Shimoga Rural, Ramanagara, Piriyapatna, Madikeri, KR Pete, Sindhagi and other assembly constituencies from Monday.

Emphasize traditional style

The propulsion vehicle traffic contract with 75 LEDs has been assigned to two companies. These vehicles will travel more than 100 sectors listed above. Each of these vehicles, including the generator, is about 120 km per day. Need to walk around at least 15 minutes in Pratahalli. There will be regular vehicles from 8 am to 9 pm. The coordination system that determines the day of promotion vehicle based on the will of the party’s local candidate is made on the part of the party.

All these vehicles have been tuned to simulator with the songs in the films of Varunatta Dr. Rajkumar and Kumaraswamy. I’m here for you …, I’m yours, your home, …, tears, …, the tracks are in these vehicles. Kumaraswamy is tied to the songs of the poor, women and helping them out.

Use for manifesto promotion

It is also arranged to deliver JDS manifesto promises on all evolving vehicles. If the JD (S) party comes to power it is the government of the common people. The loan of farmers, weavers, fishermen and women’s unions will be fully waiver. Rs 4,000 for Senior Citizens Employees, pregnant and mentally ill six months, 6,000 monthly funding, Israel model farming system, responsible for forestry for rural youth, and promotion of promotions such as market support for agricultural products.

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