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1 of the 6 restored wells at Cubbon Park under TCS’s World 10K Cubbon Park rejuvenation project.



Bengaluru. On the occasion of World Water Day (22nd March 2018), The Cubbon Park Rejuvenation project (CPR) celebrated the successful completion of Phase 1. The project, a first of its kind water conservation and revival project in the country, enabled by India Cares Foundation, Friends of Lakes & Biome, under the aegis of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru, has through Phase 1 provided 65,000 Litres of Water per day for Cubbon Park.

Conceived by Vishwanath S, popularly known as the Zen Rainman of Biome Environmental Solutions & Ramprasad Vishwanathan, Founder Convenor, Friends Of Lakes; the project was aptly named the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project (CPR) for one of the most crucial lungs of the garden city. The project involved working with indigenous communities of well diggers from Karnataka and re vitalizing the 7 existing wells of Cubbon Park. Post the de-silting & cleaning of the wells 6 of these wells were interconnected using pipes and electric motors. The result has been that the project is generating 65000 litres of water daily and the same is being deployed into Cubbon Park via the department of horticulture. 75% of the total requirements of Cubbon Park are now being met at 15% the initial cost, while also using the traditional water resource of the park’s own open Wells, a sustainable solution for the foreseeable future. Commenting on the initiative Ram said “CPR is a sustainability solution towards a greener, better Bengaluru, this project has been an example to be emulated for a water sustainable future, not only for the city but across the country and we thank the Deputy director of Horticulture Department, Mr Mahantesh Murgod for his whole hearted support to make the project a success.”
The second phase of the CPR would see the 2 lakes inside Cubbon park being revived, and commenting on this progression Vishwanathan observed “Reviving local sources of water such as Wells and lakes helps the water security for the city of Bengaluru. These 7 Wells of Cubbon Park can be the icon for a million Wells that the city needs and can be linked to rain water harvesting.”
Phase 2 of the project which is scheduled for commencement on April 22nd , World Earth Day, will be commemorated by a Live Painting Session at the Cubbon Park. To kick-off Phase 2, the collective of organisations invite citizens to be participants to ‘LeaveS a Mark’, an initiative that will bring together a group of 100 Artists – comprising of professional artists, school students and hobbyist’s to paint a canvas between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM at Cubbon Park on the 22nd of Aopril. These paintings, created on the day will then be auctioned; and part of the funds raised will be invested in Phase 2 of the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project. The project already has the commitment of SM Sunderasan, a Banker who has also completed 5 full Marathons including the 2018 edition TATA Mumbai Marathon,which he completed in less than 4 hours. Mr. Sunderasan who has in the past raised funds for various causes including Cancer patients and the St. Judes Orphanage believes that supporting the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project, is an essential effort that needs to be taken more seriously as urban water levels and supplies deteriorate drastically. He has promised to donate INR 10,000 for the cause for every minute that he can run the TCS World 10K under 55 minutes and opens the challenge to the whole community
Commenting on ‘LeaveS a Mark’, Meena Dave, CEO, India Cares Foundation shared, “The painting by these 100 artists will be along the theme of ‘Water, Trees and Cubbon Park’ and we will be encouraging Bengaluru’s personalities, to come and encourage every citizen to enhance the value of these canvas’s that we would like to auction. We will also be encouraging the public to come and leave a stroke on the canvas so that they can also feel the joy of having contributed to the rejuvenation The CPR for the lungs of Banguluru”
Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International said in conclusion, “One of the most significant developments of Running has been to be able to build sustainable solutions for various constituents. Today the sport of Running is the largest platform for raising awareness & funds for NGO’s working across sectors. The CPR is a unique initiative and it’s commendable to see the results that have been generated in such a short span. Kudos to the ICFN, Biome & Friends of lakes teams. It’s commendable to see runners like Sundaresan who are coming forward to be able to raise awareness and funds for this pioneering project. Cubbon Park’s luscious greenery and canopy of trees provide the perfect boost for the runners of the TCS World 10K on race day and the joy that the Banguluru running community would feel to know that their pounding the streets has provided a sustainable solution for the city and a case study for the country would be immense’
Quick notes:
What: LeaveS a Mark: An Artist Collaboration to raise money for the rejuvenation of Cubbon Park
When: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on World Earth Day, 22nd April 2018
Why: Paintings created on this day will be auctioned to fund Phase 2 of the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project under the aegis of TCS World 10K -
Quick Fact: The project already has the commitment from Mr. SM Sunderasan who has pledged to contribute Rs. 10,000 for every minute he runs the TCS World 10K in under 10 Minutes.

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