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Bengaluru. The ruling Congress is contesting the assembly polls for the Chief Minister’s chair soon after the state assembly elections began. There are more than half dozen leaders in this race!

The polls will be held on May 12 and result will be on May 15. It is not yet certain what the voter’s judgment can be. In spite of this, the top leaders of the Congress have been measuring how far they are apart from the Chief Minister’s degree. So even if it’s a cliché, the word “before the baby is born,” is the case.

Most of the surveys are drawn to the tune of assembly elections. It is the core of these surveys that the Congress will emerge as the largest party. CM Siddaramaiah’s party is also counting as Congress can cross the 100-odd border. Siddaramaiah, who has full-term authority, is again in the calculation that the Congress will be allowed to become Chief Minister. If Congress gets a magic number, Siddaramaiah’s government will be formed. It is being interpreted that the High Command will also re-nominate them on the basis of the merit that the party has returned to power, even though others have exercised it.
Who’s in the race

DK Shivakumar, Mallikarjun Kharge, Parameshwar, RV. Deshpande, , M.B. Patil is the dominant aspirant of the Chief Minister’s post. Minister HK Singh Patil has such a desire. But if these leaders get 80-90 seats to the Congress, it is good. It is in the political context that the words of their political prospects are dreaming to shine.

The JDS is inevitable to form a coalition government. JD (S) chief HD Deve Gowda to bring coalition government under leadership of Siddaramaiah, Deve Gowda is suspicious of the mind. It has made other Congress leaders convinced the post-election politics. So, the Chief Minister has begun workout to put in place what to put on hold. Even though Siddaramaiah’s campaign against JDS is being panned, others looking at the CM’s chair are not eupeptic in this regard.

What are the calculations?

Siddaramaiah’s disruption to JDS involves DK Shivakumar will also be in trouble. Because it is not easy for Devagowda to see Shiv Kumar in the top post. In spite of this, Dickshaw, who is unlikely to be a political dice, has been trained to simplify their way. In the meantime, ‘DKCI next CM’ brochures are being leaked to the farmers’ community. Kharge, who is convinced that JDS may be favored, is in Parameshwara.

Deshpande, a Janata Parivar source, believes that this attachment can come to the aid. M.B., who stood at the forefront of the separate Lingayat religion struggle. Patil does not publish hatred and hate in the case of JDS. They are on the verge of being in danger. It is expected that a suitable candidate will be able to sit in the chief minister’s chair if the candidate is competing at the stage of creating a coalition government. It is said to be from Patil.

If the Congress government is forming a majority, the CM’s choice will not be easy. These leaders are preparing to put all kinds of papers because of the pressure from the aspirants. There is a debate over whether this can be a huge move in state politics.

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