Mr.Hanumanthe Gowda, Hebbal JDS Candidate.


Bengaluru. The highest numbers of contestants (28) of the city-level assembly constituencies are Dr. Y.A Narayanaswamy, who won the by-election in Hebbal assembly constituency two years ago. Narayanaswamy is faced with tough competition from CM Siddaramaiah’s close aide BS Suresh.

Hanumante Gowda, a member of the JD (S), The new face of the JDS, Hanumante Gowda , has campaigned in minority areas, Gowda promised good work with revenue sites owner to have low level registration to 10 thousand homes along and appealed to the voters to win by a margin of votes. Party activists were in large numbers in the wake of H.D. Kumara swamy ‘s arrival, The Congress government had begun a few years back to gain power in this area. JDS Interested and worked Among the villages in BBMP, Hebbal has villages. These villages have already been implemented for drinking water and drainage projects. Slum dwellers have also been assisted by the project to provide free water up to 10,000 liters for slum areas. Gowda had demanded a number of times in government programs to repair the roads and to provide special grants to the BBMP. But these demands are not recognized. This factor can affect voters,with BS Suresh of Narayana Swamy and Kuruba community, has contested more than the previous two elections in the Hebbal Assembly constituency. Thus, YA Narayanaswamy is working hard to win.

There are a large number of Muslim votes in this area. Thus, the voices of Muslim voters will become crucial in victory. In the previous by-elections, the Congress’s senior leader CK Zafar Sharif’s grandson Abdul Rehman Sharif has expressed dissatisfaction that this time he has not given tickets. If that anger persists, the Congress will have a problem. At the same time, the anger that the Muslim candidate has not given a ticket to smokes within the community.
BJP’s YA Narayana Swamy topped the Muslim vote due to Muslim candidates contesting from the Congress and JDS in the last elections. This time the situation is different. BS Suresh is contesting for YA Narayanaswamy, who won by a margin of 19,000 votes in the by-elections in 2016.

Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda, MP from Bangalore North constituency, has been given the responsibility to win the Hebbal seat. So, Sadananda Gowda is sweating on the road show and house promotion with Narayanaswamy.

3 candidates of the same name

Besides BJP candidate Narayanaswamy, two candidates nominated by Narayanaswamy and BS Suresh of Congress are independent candidates, followed by BS Suresh and BS Suresh. In the 2013 elections, 24 contestants from the Hebbal constituency were in the fray. This time, there are eight Muslim candidates in the fray, including independent candidates.

Techies, rich and poor people

Most of the working class, apartments, and wealthy bungalows in this area have little to do with the working class. There are a large number of people from North India who have come to the city to work from outside states. Due to direct connectivity to software companies, this area has a large number of software employees living in rented homes.

Many areas of JC Nagar, Gangahenahalli, Manorayanapalya, Vishwanath Nageranahalli, including traffic congestion, trash problem, road uplift, lack of other infrastructure, including narrow road and playground. In the wake of the polls, there have been many roads and narrow roads.

Ward Level: There are eight BBMP wards in the fray, four in BJP, two in Congress and two JDS.

Former CM SM Krishna campaigning for BJP candidate YA Narayanaswamy in Hebbal constituency on Sunday. In the surrounding areas of Hebbal and Kunti village, Krishna launched a lightning campaign. In the campaign for more than an hour, he voted for Narayanaswamy and appealed to the voters to win by a margin of votes. Party activists were in large numbers in the wake of Krishna’s arrival. The people also stood on the road and handed over the former CM’s hand. This time BJP has been asked to allow the government to set up candidates.
The JDS has a traditional vote of about 25,000 in this field. The traditional vote of Congress is only 5 to 8 thousand in this field. The previous election statistics show that the other personality of the JDS has been working on H.D.Kumara Swamy, H.D. Deve Gowda’s vision here. The BJP has resorted to Modi’s influence at the peak of last time. The BJP is in an attempt to put together Hindu votes in Modi’s name, even though it does not influence that time. As the BJP and JDS tried to put together Hindu votes, the Muslim vote was likely to be united on the Congress.

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