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Ms. Suvarna Kale, Head, Design at Blackberrys


You’ve the suit in order, a patterned dress shirt, and a fashionable pair of shoes. But what most men fret over is the finishing touch – the tie. Many of you may feel confused how to match it with the rest of your ensemble. Wearing a badly matched tie is like fitting a square peg into a round hole. But fret not, Blackberrys has the perfect plan for you to pick the right tie.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that that you always match your tie to the clothing, not the other way around. Once that’s sorted, choose the right tie according to the following three factors –
1. Pattern
Ties come in a wide variety of patterns like stripes and checks. The key here is to see that the tie’s patterns don’t clash with the shirt’s or suit’s. A pin striped tie won’t work with a striped shirt; however, a polka dotted tie will do wonders. Similarly, a check pattern shirt with intricate paisley pattern tie will look splendid. It’s easier to match a patterned tie with a solid colour shirt.

2. Colour
Look or visualise your whole ensemble together to ensure that the colours are in harmony. If something looks wrong, you’ll know in the first impression!

If not sure, stick to safe colours like a non-bright red and blue. For an elegant look, pair semi-solid blue or green ties with cool blue coloured dress shirt or suit.
3. Proportion

Necktie size and proportions are less daunting. You’ll usually find them in the standard 3.5-inch width, or the skinny type (less than 3 inches). A thin gentleman will look sharp in thin lapels and skinny ties. Individuals with a wider build will look their best in a wider than average tie.
So, there you have it. Choosing a tie is more of an art than a science, so the most important thing is to feel good in whatever you buy!

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