Mangaluru: The government which has gone forward with the project ignoring the observations of scientists, technicians and experts that it is not possible and feasible to provide water to the neighbouring arid district is now facing a major hurdle. The National Green Tribunal which is investigating this issue, as per the order has directed the installation of “Telemetry Steam Flow Meters” at the low position of the water level at all the 8 dams.

The work on the construction of the 8 dams is in progress along Netravati River’s tributaries including Yettinahole, Kadumane Hole, Hongadahalla and Korihole, and simultaneous work on the installation of water depth measurement instruments at the same locations is also being taken up. The meters installed are procured from Canary Automation Pvt.Ltd in Germany.
The meter which will be placed on the lower portion of the 8 dams will give information on the amount of water collected in that limit, how much water can be re-directed to the arid districts and how much water will flow downhill towards Dakshina Kannada. This parameter may also be used in court during the investigation.
During the initial stage of the Yettinahole project, while building the dams, there was no instance where the water level caused any interference with the work progress. When the dams where being constructed, the flowing water never pooled up to the level causing interference in the construction work. So the activists are demanding an answer from the government for ignoring the fact that water to the height of 24tmc cannot be pooled here and going ahead with the project.
Speaking to ‘Udayavani’, state water resource department secretary B.J.Gurupadaswami said,” The meters are being installed to measure the availability of water in the dams of the Yettinahole project. The work on this has already begun. “
Cost of the meter-3.3 crore rupees!
The Yettinahole project is expected to cost thousands of crores of rupees. Due to the construction work, there is fear that the complete Western Ghats and its environment could get destroyed. Amidst this, the meters of German make that is used to measure the water depth cost a whopping sum of 3.3 crore rupees each.
“Let the government give the measurement of water now”
“The Yettinahole project is being hurriedly carried even when the entire Dakshina Kannada district is against it. Even when we said that there was no water there, the government adamantly said there was water. Now, under the direction of the National Green Tribunal, the government is ready to install the meters to measure the depth of water there,” said K.N.Somashekar of Yettinahole Yojana Virodhi Horata committee.

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