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Bangalore: This time monsoon rains have a tendency for farming to grow and it is likely that farmers will be delighted.
The monsoon pre-monsoon has hit many of the districts in the country. On the other hand, gardening crops such as banana and horticultural crops have been created and the rest of the land is being cultivated. Last month, monsoon rains were responsible for raising food production to help farming activities.

The rainfall in the state was 77 mm in May, with the average rainfall of 121 mm. This is 58 percent more rain than normal and has been the worst year in 18 districts. Hassan, Chikmagalur, Dharwad and Chitradurga districts have an average percentage of rainfall over 100%. Among the 11 southern districts of the old Mysore region, Chikkaballapur, meanwhile, has an average annual average of 71 percent.

There were good rain in all the three districts of the coast. Among the four districts of Malnad, there is heavy rainfall except Shimoga. Dharwad alone has the best rainfall in the northern districts of the Northern Province, which includes the North Karnataka region. All of this will begin after May. However, the monsoon rains have been routinely affected by Yadgir and Mikilla districts.
Sowing is quick
Usually the first sowing activity in Chamarajanagar district is Mysore. During the monsoon season this time, 74 lakh hectares. Sowing area in the area is sown up to 3.5 lakh hectares till May 28. So far the name of the rain is supplemented by the rain. The agriculture department said that the sowing work would be completed after the first week of June.
Farmers’ attention to legumes
Monsoon precipitation and monsoon showers have a pleasant climate for growing legumes. This time around 17 lakh hectares are aimed at raising pulses and the supply of seeds in the respective districts has been set up. Farmers are also advancing to grow these crops.

Average Profile of Rainfall in May

Area of the region Increase

Southern iland 90 154 71

North iland 51 63 24

Malenadu 103 191 85

Coast 120 193 60

(Rainfall: mm)

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