hdkcoalition (2)


Bengaluru: Alleviating fears over the survival of the JD-S-Congress coalition government, Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Wednesday said the union accomplices would give a steady government for the following five years.
“I might want to tell the sceptics that we will give a steady and productive government, which will last its full five-year term. May there be no uncertainty about it,” he told correspondents in the wake of leading the principal meeting of the extended bureau here.
Miffed over media investigates the life span of the government because of deferral in cabinet expansion and distribution of portfolios, Kumaraswamy said as the May 12 election hurled a hung Assembly, the alliance needed to shape the government after the three-day BJP government ended on May 19.

“Framing a coalition government and choosing ministers for the service require significant investment as we need to do justice to every one of the partners and in sharing the cabinet posts as alliance partners,” he said.
Looking for a breathing time to settle down and get the official machinery splitting, the Chief Minister said he and Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara have been working extra minutes from the day they assumed office on May 23 to address governmental issues.
“I have effectively guided authorities to go to the issues identified with potholes in Bengaluru and help works in rain-hit areas over the state,” said Kumaraswamy.
Underwriting Kumaraswamy’s perspectives, Parameshwara said the coalition government would be dependable and responsible to the public in providing services.
“There is no perplexity or uncertainty about the capacity of the government. The Chief Minister will allocate the portfolios for every minister, including me, in a day or two and everyone will begin their works,” he said.
Conceding that there was disgruntlement in a portion of the legislators left out for the cabinet extension, Parameshwara, who is additionally the Congress’ state unit President, said their worries would be tended to and offered chance to serve in different ways.
“In spite of the fact that there are five-six bureau billets empty to be filled by our party, the Congress has only 22 posts for its officials, including me, as the state bureau can have just 34 ministers, with 12 from the JD-S, including its Chief Minister,” illuminated Parameshwara.
The Congress and JD-S are planning to suppress the preparing protests in both the parties by guaranteeing their officials of making them chairman of the different statutory boards and corporations with cabinet rank.

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