colourful beginning: Officials get ready to ferry children in a decorated bullock cart called ‘Akshara Bandi’.


A letter to the Minister of Education to prepare the action plan to implement the Government Schools Empowerment Committee in order to save government schools and make them equal to Private schools.

Bengaluru. The convention welcomes the coordination of the Karnataka State School Development and Supervision Committees as they have embraced the state as the new Primary and Secondary Education Minister.

Karnataka State School Development and Supervision Committees Coordination Forum No party belongs to political theory. However, the constitutional constitution of India is committed to constitutional politics, which requires the establishment of equality social justice and non-discriminatory values of the constitution. The consolidation platform, which believes it is possible only through the strong public education system to build sustainable development Karnataka by embodifying the values of the Constitution, is working day and night. Education is also a belief in a philosophy of social and social transformation.

For the last one and a half decades, government schools have been steadily struggling to make the neighboring peers of the state. Many times in the past, when we appeal to them in the Empowerment struggle of Government Schools, they and our party support all the way to the Coordination Forum and fill our struggle. At that time, you promised that they were committed to equal school.

Now, they have taken over as the primary and secondary education minister in the state and headed by the Department of Education has given great hope for the empowerment of government schools for all members of Karnataka State School Development and Supervision Committees. I think they have the best opportunity to embody their commitment.

I urge you to make a plan to implement the Government Schools Empowerment Board in order to save their solid government government schools and make them neighboring schools. We hope to be honest in this regard and expect positive feedback from them.

On behalf of the Coordination Forum of Karnataka State School Development and Overseer Committees.
Govt struggling to attract students to Kannada schools
Dharwad: Faced with the challenge of shrinking strength in government schools, the education department is striving to attract children to its Kannada medium primary schools by launching several new programmes. While last year it was Akshara Pallakki, this year it is ‘Akshara Bandi (Letter Cart).
Under the Akshara Bandiprogramme, the department had asked teachers to identify children who had kept away from enrollment in the school’s jurisdiction and ferry them to the school in decorated bullock carts on re-opening day (Tuesday).

Zilla Panchayat president Chaitra Shirur formally inaugurated the programme at the government primary school in Gulagajikoppa on Tuesday. ZP CEO Snehal Rayamane, additional commissioner of public instruction Major Siddalingayya Hiremath and other officials were present.

After entering the school, the students and parents were informed about the government’s facilities like free textbooks, school bags, uniform, mid-day meal, milk, scholarship and bicycle. At the end of the day, various cultural programmes including Yakshagana were conducted at community halls.


Despite efforts to lure parents to send their children to government schools, the craze to have their children educated in private English medium schools is only increasing. Even parents in rural areas want their children to be enrolled in English medium schools, prompting several private educational institutions to spread their wings in rural areas too.

Affluent parents in rural areas are admitting their children in English medium residential schools. “There is no future for our children in villages as agriculture is no more a financially dependable occupation. They need to compete in the global job market and for that they need to be well educated and equipped. The quality of teaching in government schools in general does not instill confidence. We cannot take risk with the careers of our children and hence we are ready to invest on their education,” says Venkaraddi, a farmer from Tirlapur village whose children study in residential schools.

Parents are not ready to buy the theory that the child will learn better if the medium of instruction at the primary level is the mother tongue or the regional language. “It is all fine to listen to such theories in speech. Practical life is different,” he adds.

Education department officials admit that they are facing a stiff challenge of retaining student strength in government. Private schools have been coming out with innovative ideas to attract students, they add. “The performance of students of government schools in SSLC has improved over the years due to good quality teaching. But it is difficult to convince parents not to get their children educated in private schools,” says a senior official.

Government schools take on private peers on social media
JAIPUR: Government schools in Rajasthan have taken ‘admission war’ with private schools on social media. They are reaching out to parents through Facebook pages and WhatsApp messages in a bid to surpass private schools in admissions. They are sharing students’ success stories, achievements, facilities and teacher profiles in WhatsApp groups and videos on Facebookto maximize admission responses. Some schools are relenting to traditional means of distributing posters.

A Facebook page ‘An Upper Primary School Mokhlawas’ (Jodhpur) has 731 likes and 43 videos related to the school, education, social awareness and motivation. The latest video on Facebook page was shot by a schoolteacher taking a cue from the private schools publicity videos. The video shot from the mobile phone highlighting the achievements of the schools.

Gulshan Kumar, a teacher, is dedicatedly looking after social media campaign of the school.

He said, “Taking on private schools through traditional means of publicity like advertisements, banners, hoardings and mass distribution of pamphlets is impossible for us. However, the social media has given us a chance to take on the might of private schools so that parents can also consider as an option at least.”

The admission in government schools to continue till first week of July.

Similarly, a government school in Raila, Bhilwara Facebook page has 550 likes is full of pictures related to school events. “Our wide network of students and parents are the real ambassadors. They are the one who help circulate our messages in text, graphic and illustrations across the city. It has helped us in getting admission queries which is a remarkable development,” said Raguraj Singh, a teacher at the school.

Since the state government has issued ‘Panch Sutriya Karyakaram (Enrolment strategy) to increase enrolments in government schools, many of them have taken an extra mile to bring unprecedented results. Steps include—door to door campaign, reaching out to drop out students, catch them early (identifying children of school age), distributing posters and holding Chaupals in villages.

Government has improved the enrolment tally in its schools by adding 12 lakh students in the last three years. For the first in 12 years, government schools have enrolled students at par with the private schools.

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