New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir was brought under governor’s rule today, a day after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pulled out of its alliance with the PDP, the Home Ministry said.
In a surprise move, the BJP yesterday announced withdrawal of support to the PDP, saying it has become impossible to continue in the government in view of the growing radicalism and terrorism in the state.
Following the resignation of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Governor N N Vohra had recommended imposition of Central rule in his report to President Ram Nath Kovind, a copy of which was also forwarded to the Home Ministry.
The valley was blown up three years ago in Jammu and Kashmir.

The coalition government has collapsed in Jammu and Kashmir by withdrawing its support to the PDP.

This decision of the BJP has paved the way for rapid political developments.

This decision of the BJP is not immediate, but it is also a matter of dissatisfaction, many years. What are the reasons for retrieving JP support?

The BJP has given a string of complaints against the PDP.

The PDP has said that it will rule out basic principles without any threat. The BJP alleged that it is wrong now.

The central government has made a huge effort to maintain peace and order in the valley state. Peace talks. The ceasefire was announced during Ramadan. But the PDP does not support any of these. The BJP has complained that militants have been stabbed during Ramzan.

PDP’s separate attitude towards the Burhanwani case. The BJP leaders alleged that the PDP had come forward to apologize to young men who stoned the army.

The BJP leaders alleged that the separatist tendency was largely unconstitutional.

The BJP has justified the decision to withdraw its support to the PDP’s decision, which has largely left the national interests all over the world.

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