Bengaluru: Settling hypothesis over the idea of the state budget plan for monetary year 2018-19, Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy on Tuesday said he would display a full budget plan in July.

Addressing a press interview at the Press Club CM Kumaraswamy said “I will present a full budget plan for the state in July first week,”

He said Congress President Rahul Gandhi had consented to his proposal for a full-fledged budget plan with recommendations of both the partners.


“When I talked about the issue with Gandhi at his home in New Delhi, he asked me to go ahead with the full-fledged budget plan and not to stress over what others say on his decision in the interests of the state and its people,” Kumaraswamy said.

His statement came two days after former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told the media here Kumaraswamy require not present a full budget plan, as he had alraedy displayed a budget plan for the monetary in February ahead of the May 12 assembly elections.

Making light of Siddaramaiah’s announcement, Kumaraswamy said every government had each privilege to display its own budget plan based on it’s election manifesto and interest of the people of the state.

“Despite the fact that our party (JD-S) did not achieve majority to actualize our election manifesto, particularly farmer loans, we are committed to fulfill as many needs of the peole of the state, particularly farmer, poor people and women,” he said.

The coordination committee of the Congress-JD(S) government has chosen to draft a common minimum program containing promises they made to the general population before the election.

As the Congress had consented to help the JD-S in framing the third coalition government in the southern state over 10 years after the fact, apparently to keep the BJP out of intensity, the Chief Minister said he was not only committed to continue many of the social welfare schemes of the previous government, but also flag new programmes that were common to both the parties.

The Chief Minister additionally got Gandhi’s endorsement to waive farmers loan with interest that were obtained from the state cooperative banks, rural, regional and state-run banks.

“The Chief Minister intends to report the waiver as a major aspect of the budget proposal in the monsoon session of the assembly next month,” included the leader.

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