Oposition Leader Mr.Kota Srinivasa Poojari, BBMP member Mr.Rajendra kumar, Legislators Mr.Umanath Kotian, Mr.S.Kumar Bangarappa, Mr.H.Halappa, Mr.Subhash R Guttedar, Mr.Sunil Naik were honored, Idiga Community President Dr.M. Thimme Gowda, Rajyasabha Member Mr. B.K.Hariprasad, Mr.B.K.Shivaram are seen at Idiga Community Office in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru.  if ‘Okkaliga, Lingayat Swamijis are together the government will be shaken. But our Swamiji will not be together. Opposition leader Kota Srinivasa Poojary said that no one would seriously consider it.

Speaking at a congratulatory event organized by the Karnataka Pradesh Arya Idigar Sangha, the new ministers and MLAs in association with all the Idiagas,

“Any politician can not step onto the constituency, ignoring Billar votes in the state coast. Therefore all sub-species of the Idiga community must be organized. The population of our community is about 40 lakhs. But our lack of organization is weakening our energy, “he said.

“Our community was social, economically and politically oppressed. The situation changed day after day. We have given the board of documents to our community community. Janardhan Poojary, S. Bangarappa, Dr. Rajkumar, RL Zalappa’s achievement was unique.

“When I was eight years old, the coconut nut was placed outside the temple of the temple, the priest used to sprinkle the tirtha and take it inside. But, when the minister of the Muzirai ministry took me through the procession inside the same temple. So much change in society. If we have a desire, we can achieve something. ”

Retired police officer BK Shivaram, who regrets that “many of the prisoners in the coastal districts are in our community”, have to stop the youth from becoming attracted to the criminal world. No political parties should urge young people. He said that he was responsible for all the party politicians responsible for the way.

Sagar MLA Kumar Bangarappa said, “The political scene in society is just a small point. After coming to politics, the Sangh should work together to unite our community and resolve issues within society, “he said.

Vidyakumar, President, Billawa Society, said, “All the representatives should work hard to address the problems of the community. This time the assembly has 6 elected members of the community. We must strive to make at least 4 MPs in the Lok Sabha elections, “he said.

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