New Delhi: The person who gradually stepped up with a ladder in the snake ladders was bitten by the snake at the last moment, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said.

Such a comment was expressed in the environment of the Parliament House after Rahul’s passionate speech and the dramatic ’embrace movement’ in the debate on the Narendra Modi government’s dismissal of the Lok Sabha in the Lok Sabha. The whole country was very keen on watching the debate on the unanimous resolution that was portrayed as Rahul-Modi confrontation.

When the first time allegations were raised for Rafael’s aircraft purchase, Rahul said, “If I get a chance to speak in the Lok Sabha, it will be a great earthquake.” “If Modi comes face to face with me, then Modi will be embarrassed for 15 minutes,” he said in the media.
Those who listened to their speeches with such expectations of Rahul Gandhi were disappointed after the speech. Earlier in the 55-minute speech, Rahul had been accused of serious corruption charges against the government. At the last point of the speech, ‘You can hate me, be angry with me, and even pappu can taunt me. But, I do not hate you, I hate you, “the law of parliamentary arts, beyond the conventions, went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and made them all wondering.

The talk of Rahul Gandhi’s behavior is technically unsuitable. The Congress could justify if Rahul’s dramatic behavior was limited to the Prime Minister. The Congress party, repeatedly saying, “If the Prime Minister is doing politics of hatred, we will make love, faith and sympathy politics,” Rahul Gandhi could have interpreted this behavior as well as the fact that Rahul has proved that I love those who criticize me.

However, Rahul Gandhi, who had come to his place after his unexpected embarrassment and dismay at the Prime Minister, turned his attention to some members of the party and washed his teeth in his entire speech. Generally, there is a special meaning in the body language, which means that if a person shakes a word, then he says, ‘I’m not saying it is true.’ Rahul Gandhi, who embarked on a speech in the Lok Sabha, embarked on a prime ministerial message and gave a message of love, confidence and sympathy, then said that he had been told by the blink of his eyes that everything was drama, it was natural, and that he had all been told planned.

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