Mr. A.C. Tippe Swamy, President of karnataka state SC, ST employees federation (R) and other leaders, employees protesting since 16th of this Month at Freedom Park in Bengaluru.

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BENGALURU: The Supreme Court on Friday adjourned the hearing on the case pertaining to reservation in promotions for SC, ST employees of Karnataka Government to August 14.

The Supreme Court, which has issued notices to the state government in the wake of the Supreme Court order violation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Employees’ Reserve Response, imposed a hearing on August 14.

The petition filed by BK Pavithra on Friday filed a petition challenging the bail plea of ​​Justice Manohar Sapre and Uday Lalit. The lawyer’s argument was that the state government had violated the order of the Supreme Court in February 2017, which had abolished the reservation and made a jurisdiction over the Supreme Court order.

The Supreme Court, which had issued notices to the state government in the wake of the allegation, said that the final hearing will be issued on 14th of this month, in order to be answered within two weeks. The court also made it clear that all the information, including the steps taken for the past order, should be given at the final hearing, which can not be expedited.

The 3758 officers and employees of the state, who were promoted by the privilege of promotion, are in the wake of the February 2017 order of the Supreme Court. The validity of the Act, which will be implemented by the State Government to ensure the benefit of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, will be concluded on Dec. 14, and the future of all these employees will be decided.

The state government is in trouble again

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s verdict in February 2017, the state government has reacted positively to the issue.

The Supreme Court’s bail plea, which was heard on Friday, has issued a notice to the state government. That is why the government has been rebuffing again. Because the new law is brought about by the care of the Scheduled Tribes. The bill passed in the two Houses of the Affiliation Act was adopted by the President only after his nomination.

It was therefore the government’s expectation that the Supreme Court would permit this Act to be implemented. But, bk The court also proposes to provide details of measures taken by the order of the Holy See. Besides, it has been suggested that the state government file a complete proposal. So it is a continuation of promotion.

Residents should be rescued by promotion of promotion. The legislators representing the community in the past session suggested that they had not brought a separate law. The government, which responded, clarified that the hearing in the Supreme Court was awaiting a hearing. It is important to ensure that the safety of the Scheduled Tribes is important. Speaker KR Balakrishnan said that the matter should be taken up after July 27. Rameshkumar has suggested.

Advanced state of affairs

The government is now unable to enforce its act as the inquiry has been postponed. So the scheduled officers and employees are creating a situation where they need to be put on a day of worry.

The SC in February 2017 had reversed all consequential promotions given to SC, ST employees after general category employees approached it questioning promotions in reservations. However, the state government had passed enacted a law to circumvent the SC judgement.

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