Mrs Karnataka director -Pratibha Saunshimath (former Mrs India-Asia International) speaking , Smt Ujala Sabharwal has won the coveted Mrs India (under 40) and Smt Kajol Bhatia during meet at Bangalore Press Club.


Bengaluru : It is a proud moment for Karnataka as two women from our state are now crowned with the prestigious Mrs India-2018 title. Smt Ujala Sabharwal has won the coveted Mrs India (under 40) while Smt Kajol Bhatia has bagged the prestigious Classic Mrs India (40-60 age group) titles. This is the first time that both the women from Karnataka have won these prestigious titles. Now, Ujala and Kajol will represent India in the Mrs Asia-International and Mrs Planet competitions that are scheduled to be held later this year. In fact, Karnataka women bagged honors all the way as 10 out of the 11 contestants who represented Karnataka were honored with various titles and crowns.

The Mrs India Karnataka 2018 grand finale was held at Feathers Radha hotel, Chennai from July 26-31. More than 72 contestants from across India participated in the finals under various age categories. The finale was a fun-filled 5 -day grand event. It included various competitions and events like 7 -themed photo shoots, special workshops on self-make up in three different styles, Odissi dance, Silambam (a 3,000-year old martial art using sticks), a bit of acting, how to face a camera and personal interview round. The final day was an extravaganza where contestants represented 72 different cultures and traditions of India and showcased their costumes. 30 women were selected for the question and answer round.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Mrs India 2018-Smt Ujala Sabharwal said, “I dedicate this title to the women of Karnataka. Today, we have once again proved to the whole country as to how Karnataka has lot of talented people. I thank Mrs Pratibha Saunshimath for being my backbone all the way. ” Describing the challenges in preparing for the beauty pageant, Ujala says, “As I am from IT background, I had been wearing business suits all the time. However, during the pageant, carrying gowns and walking on the ramp with high heels was a Herculean task. However, today, I can proudly say that I am equally comfortable walking in the high heels and gown as well as wearing my business attire. ”

Classic Mrs India 2018 Smt Kajol Bhatia said , “Winning of both the titles would definitely encourage more and more married women to come forward and take up this challenge. With Mrs Pratibha Saunshimath at the helm of affairs, I am sure many more women will be encouraged for future competitions. ” Kajol had to overcome a lot of challenges and the first was to shed 6 kgs of her weight in a flat one month. She worked out on a diet which was best suited for her and easily succeeded and then worked on the skin and hair care. “It was quite a task in grooming myself for the photo shoots and the ramp walk and preparing for the question round in the finals”, she added.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Karnataka director -Pratibha Saunshimath (former Mrs India-Asia International) said, “I am very happy to see Karnataka women shine and succeed better than other across the country. Today, we have once again proved that there is a huge potential in Karnataka. Till now , many married women did not have any platform. Luckily, we have Mrs India forum which is helping the women to conquer the world. It is indeed a proud moment for Karnataka queens to have proved their talent once again. ”

Mrs India beauty pageant is conducted by Mrs India Pageant Productions Pvt Limited headed by Mrs Deepali Phadnis.

Ujala Sabharwal is a techie with a four -year old son and a loving husband. “I have twin mottos in life; aim high yet stay grounded. I love and look forward to spending whatever time I can get with my son every day. Listening to music is a therapeutic and enjoyablehobby. I never even imagined that I would be a part of such an event let alone win a crown. I give all the credit to my family , friends and colleagues who have provided me nothing but encouragement and empowerment in all the endeavors, “Ujala says.

Kajol is married for 23 years to Sunil Bhatia and has two children. She holds a degree in fashion designing and Event Management and design her own outfits. She’s now a trained grooming consultant, Right from her childhood days, she has participated n won many talent shows; Pink Carnation Queen, Mrs Bangalore Club 1st runner up, Bowring Club Queen 1st runner up, Glamorama Queen of Area 6 LC India and Mrs. Personality at the National Competition by Ladies Circle India She’s been an active and integral part of the social service organisation Ladies Circle India for the last 17 years. On the personal front she helps 2 orphanages – Sneha Jyoti nivas and Sevalaya Ashraya Ashram. She helps a school for the needy called True Happiness; and also supports a lady Ms. Susan who has been a victim of acid burns. Kajol is now looking at launching her designer label soon.

Karnataka Ujala Sabhar Wall, Kajol Bhatiyarige Andrea India And The classic Andrea India 2018 Crown

Andrea India 2018 Prestigious Crown Our The state The two Women Claimed Karnataka Pride At themoment. Mrs. Ujala Sabhar Wall Andrea India (40 Years Younger) Caption While Mrs. Kajol Bhatia Prestigious The classic Andrea India (40-60 Year Age) Caption Won. Karnataka The two Women Reception Claimed The Before. Now Ujala And Kajol India Andrea Asia -International And Andrea The Planet Competitions India Represent. This Competition Participated 11 Women, 10 Come up with Different Captions And Crowns Revered Emerged.

Andrea India Karnataka 2018 Grand The Final Chennai, Feathers Radha Hotel July 26-31 in Took place. India Different Corners Over 72 More Competitors Different The age of Sections Participated. The Final Competition 5 Days Hugely Karyakramavagittaya. 7- topics Photo Shoots, Auto Make-up About Special Workshops, The Odyssey Dance, Silambam (sticks Use the Making 3,000 years The old Strategy), A Bit Of Acting, How To Facebook A The camera And Personal Interview Suttugaliddavu. The Final Day All Come up with Competitors India 72 Different Ø culture and strings And Their Dresses Demonstrated. 30 Women, Q & A Round Select Was made.

Thursday Press conference Speaking Andrea India 2016 Mrs. Ujala Sabhar Wall, “I This The title of the Karnataka For women Commend. Today We are Karnataka People How many Are talented That The whole Country Proved. This All Success Supporting Mrs. Talents Saunsimath To them Gratitude Submit Want to be ” He said.

Saundaryaspardhege Ready Challenges About Ujala, “I IT Background Has been I have Forever and ever Business The suits are Wore. Saundaryaspardheyalli Guan, High Heels Wearing Ramp On Walking Really It was hard. However, Today I have High Heels And With Guan My Business Suite naste Getting Wearable That Proudly Say ” He said.
The classic Andrea India 2018 Caption To win Mrs. Kajol Bhatia, “both Captions Will win More More Married Women, In front of And This The challenge Accept Promotes. Mrs. Talents Saunsimath His Stimulation More More Women The future Competitions Participates in The Hope I want it ” He said.

Kajol Many Kind of Challenges Rosters. One Month 6 Kg Weight Miss. She Compatibility Dietary Supplement Anusarisabekayitu. Then Skin And Hairstyle Take care Down. “Photo To shoot And Ramp Walk To And Finals of the Q & A Round Enough Preparing for Said ” He said.

This Context About Andrea Karnataka Director, Talents Saunsimath (former Andrea India – Asia International), “Karnataka Women Country Other With women Contested Won Me Very Happiness Said. Today We are Karnataka Limitless Samathryavide That Again Proved. Fortunately Andrea India Forum The world To win For women Helps. It is Karnataka Queens His Talents Again Sabitupadisiruvudu Hemmeyagide ” Hesaid.
Andrea India Saundaryaspardheyannu Andrea India Pageant Productions Pvt. LTD. Organize Mrs. Deepali Phadnis Headed Terms.

Ujala Sabhar Wall
Ujala Sabhar Wall Four Year Son, And Lovable With her husband Living in Techie. “I The life of The two Purposes; Ettarakkeridaru Ground Mareyade The treaty. Daily Me How many Could As much as Time With son Deduction. Music Listening Wellness And Of joy Hobby. This Program Participate This Caption Will win Also known as Nothing. This All Honor Me Promoting Given the My Family, Friends And Coworker Largely ” He said.

Kajol Bhatia
Kajol, Sunil Bhatia Them Married 23 Years The two Children. They Fashion Designing And Event In Management Degree Owns. His Dresses They Designed. Now They Training From Gruming Consultant Out. His Balyadindalai They Many Competitions Participated; Pink Carnation Queen, Andrea Other Club 1st Runner Up, Bowring Club The Queen 1st Runner Up, Glamorama The Queen Of Area 6 L c India And Ladies Circle India Andrea Personality Competitions Victory Achieved. They The 17 Years Ladies Circle India Samajaseveyalalli Actively Involved. They Personally 2 Orphanages – Snehajyoti Niwas And Sevalaya Shelter Ashrams Assisted. True Happiness The Named School, Assisted by; Acid Bombers Overcome The woman Susan They too Neravaguttiddare. Kajol Own The designer The label To Shortly Release The event

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