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Karthikeyan Ganeshan, Founder, Sristi Village from Pondicherry, Abhijit Sinha, Founder, Project DEFY from Karnataka, Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg founders, Kanthari at media roundtable in Bangalore



Bengaluru. kanthari, established in 2005 provides leadership training programs for visionaries who have overcome adversity and who are keen to drive ethical social change.
Based out of Trivandrum in Kerala, kanthari aims to help people overcome their circumstantial situations by fostering their talent. Founders Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg are the pioneers who are set out to make a difference in the world.
In 1998, Sabriye and Paul started the first school for the blind in Tibet. This school formed the foundation of Braille Without Borders, an organization that empowers blind people to take their lives in their own hands. In 2005 they co-founded kanthari in Kerala, South of India.
For its tenth anniversary, kanthari TALKS is coming to Bangalore for the first time. kanthari TALKS, is the culmination of their intensive social leadership training program in different fields such as environmental protection, alternative education, women empowerment and building an equal and inclusive society.
Kanthari TALKS is a platform where kantharis educate, entertain and humble people with their stories, dreams and action plans for a better society. 23 change makers from 13 countries present their captivating life stories of resilience and hope. They will talk about inspiring solutions for global and local problems. Speakers come from India, Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand.
The Talks are an inspiration for millions who aspire to become change-makers to build a better society.
Kanthari TALKS will take place on 24 and 25 November 2018 in St John’s Auditorium in Bangalore.


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