Hassan- Karnatala – India. God has allowed him to be reincarnated and become the chief minister to avoid the suffering of the common man. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Kumaraswamy appealed that farmers should not be tempted to lose their lives.
Speaking at the inauguration of various development works at an estimated cost of Rs 1650 crore at Hassan city district stadium, he said the poor and peasants were trying harder to pay off the hardship and to wait a bit in peace. The debt burden of Rs 40,000 crore has been made by 44 lakh farmers in the state. The chief minister called for a non-compliance of the private banking bond that would soon be withdrawal of illegal interest receipts.

Their programs answer the opposition’s criticism that the government is not off the road. The goal of the state’s comprehensive development government. The Chief Minister said that he was not the only one who would be ready to exit power at the moment when he was not able to solve the problems of the people. They have been able to conceal their real and people’s concerns from false allegations that have been followed by the previous government’s plans and implemented tens of new projects.
In Karnataka, diesel and petrol prices are lower than other states .As far as debt waiver is concerned, all the financial limits will be cleared by the end of July, “he said. Officials have already been instructed to conduct a check-up meeting in several districts of the state. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy said the government is focusing on creating jobs and establishment in all districts.

The development works in the Hassan district for the last ten years have come to an end in 2006 when the Government Engineering College has begun, but the poor children learning here are in a private college. The projects that have been made are the same as those of the past. When he came to the district earlier, he said that the rebellion was to work out of the moral path. The BJP protested against misconduct in the sense that it was a rebellion against them even though they made a mistake. The party’s program was to get the government unstable. But they do not even fear anything. There is no fear of falling into government.

He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party should act consciously. Thousands of people every day come in and answer their problems as much as possible. He said that his aim was to live lightly for the people. Local MLA absent CM Unhappy:
MLAs of Hassan constituency have not been identified as the chairmanship of the Thousands of Development Workers inaugurating the program. The Chief Minister expressed dissatisfaction that it was not proper behavior. When the opposition parties criticized the Rangarajan development project for Hassan’s Ring Road in the budget, he questioned what could be expected from the MLAs who were not least grateful when they paid for the field without speaking. Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda Deve Gowda said that the opposition parties should showcase moral politics. It should be noted that the former Prime Minister Vajpayee’s stupid behavior.

He said the political party should not be the target of destabilizing the formation of a democratic system. There is no government, fearful of falling into the e unhappiness comes from, he said. Minister of State for Agriculture, Revanna is working hard at the dairy industry in the state. Due to the increase in dairy productivity and milk production in the state, Deve Gowda recalled Kurien revolutionary writer Varghese Kurien. Deva Gowda said the government was working on people’s concerns and needed the blessings of the public. Minister for Public Works and District Administration, HD Deveanna, thanked ministers who provided grants to the development works of thousands of crores in the district. He further said that further development works would be taken up. Minister of State for Co-operation Bandappa Kashmapura, Higher Education Minister GT Deve Gowda, Education Minister Mahesh, Tourism Minister SR Rao, Minister for Transport, MK Srinivas, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Venkatrao Nadgowda, Minister for Agriculture, Minister of State for Horticulture Mr. MC Mangoli, District Panchayat President Shweta Devaraj, MK HK Kumaraswamy, CN Balakrishna, KM Shivalinge Gowda, AT Ramaswamy Methodist Council member Ratha Gopalaswamy, and legislators of different districts Various representatives attended the authorities.

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