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Bengaluru. CM H.D.Kumaraswamy warned banks to lend loans to nationalized and rural banks Debt Relief CM Kumaraswamy said that the farmers will be collected from the banks as to how much loan they have received. CM HD.Kumaraswamy warns banks not to relieve borrowers from threatening loans and issuing notices to farmers He warned that if the bankers were harassed, the criminal case would be put on them. A high-level meeting was convened on Tuesday by the chairmanship of the National Bank for its lending on loan waiver.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, CM Kumaraswamy said, “The government has received official information from the concerned banks in respect of nationalized and rural banks loan waiver. The information on which farmers are getting a loan is collected from banks. In this budget budget, Rs 6,500 crore is required for refund purpose. Grants are reserved. The process of repayment of information delivered to banks will begin, “he said. “The state-level chief secretary has convened a meeting of State Level Banks Committee on Saturday. In addition, the government has initiated an alternative data collection program by beneficiary farmers.
The government will repay the money to the relevant banks by comparing them both. Farmers are prepared for distribution of non-certified certificates from Rajyotsava day, “he explained. No subsidy has been made. “There is no reduction in subsidy on farmers’ debt waiver decision. Siddaramaiah’s article on February 18 and a paisa will not be cut off in the newly proposed budget, which is allocated to the departments. There is no setback in the debt waiver for development projects, “the CM said. Latest Comment View Sanu Soni Objectionable All CommentsWrite Comments If the farmers are harassed, action has been initiated in the district. “In the Gadag district, the bank has noticed a farmer’s family notice. The DC and SP have been instructed to file a case against the lawyer who has been issued by the concerned bank manager and notice immediately.

The action against the relevant banker was taken after a farmer committed suicide by a bank notice at Vijayapur. The implementation of the debt waiver decision has been prepared to ensure that small technical error is not met, “said CM Kumaraswamy.

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