Students taking Selfie with CM. H.D Kumara Swamy, Mr. Saravana, Legislator also seen at BBMP Roshini Program in Bengaluru. 


said that those who oppose teaching English do not have to admit their children to the English medium for teaching English to children in government school. Did your children not learn English? Speaking to reporters in …

Bangalore. The government has decided to prove that adversaries are not included in the English medium for teaching children in government schools, said HD Kumaraswamy. Speaking on the occasion, BBMP will launch a ‘BBMP Roshini Project’ (Social School and 21st Century Prep School) in partnership with Microsoft and Teng Avant-Garde. “With the saving of Kannada language, the government has decided to teach English as a subject. If your opponents are not educating English children in your family, then advertise.

Then you honor. Do not be bothered about us, “he said. “What have the poor children of the rural poor done? Should not they learn English. Asked whether they should be kept alive in a feudal system, the CM said, “English saving will be taught to children of poor families. They will be able to compete in the competitive era, “he said. Did your children not learn English? Asked questions about English language learning, he said, “Even in private schools, quality education will be given to private schools. If financially backward children get qualitative education, they are financially strong and coming to the mainstream of society.

Renovation of government school buildings in the state and Rs 1000 crore for construction of new buildings. Grants are reserved. On the coastal side of Shimoga, Udupi, Chikmagalur, Kodagu, children go 3-4 km and cross the river and streams to go to school. Temporary bridges built here make life vulnerable. Thus, the Rs 121 crore is Rs. Strong foot compilations are being built. This work will begin within 10 days, “he said.

“The company is worth Rs 500 crore to take up the school-colleges of the corporation internationally. Costing. Every year, 20-25 teachers will be trained and trained by students. The government is ready to provide all necessary co-operation for this Rosini project, “he said. No liquor stores licensed: “There is currently no decision on granting licenses to new liquor stores. The Excise Department is with me. I do not know the new license. I will discuss with the authorities, “Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said.

The hike in passenger fares will be hiked, “he said. An appropriate decision will be taken to ensure that the masses are not burdened. This will be discussed with transport companies, “he said.

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