Bangalore. Our government has lost, Lok Sabha elections have raised the news for the last time. But our government is secure. CM Kumaraswamy said that with your blessings I will be a five-year CM.

I’ve worked in three months. From morning till night, I have addressed many problems with a glass of water without even drinking water. But what does not look, he’s bored about what I should do. Insert CCTV on Roads: Join Cargo and join CCTVs on every road from Bangalore to prevent all crime. How much He said,

“Well, I will take steps to implement CCTV in city roads. Isafet busted: I’m a mafia, landowner can not buy. I have deployed some rigorous officers to cut down the dues in Bangalore. He alleged that the illegal attack was being attacked by those who run the cross. No pressure is given to me: I did not take money in the transfer of officers. I have deputed the best officers to Bangalore.

I do not care for any pressure. I will be in favor of good officials. He said. A permanent bridge construction in Malenadalli should not have a complex (foot bridge) in the Malnad region of the state. I have released the money for that. During the rainy season, students are experiencing more problems. He said that he would soon be in a permanent bridge. Addressing the Pandavpur SBI Bank’s notice to the farmers, he told reporters in the media and immediately asked for a report on Mandya DC.


The media should know the truth of the report. That farmer took a loan in 2007. Last year, a farmer was issued a notice from the court. The court gave notice but did not go to the court. For that reason the notice was issued to the court. The CM also clarified that I did not pay a bank notice on the debt liabilities that I lent.


Rs 5,000 for senior citizens and pregnant women. H.D. Kumaranana For every citizen and pregnant women, a monthly increase of Rs.1thousand to take action to get access Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy promised. I wanted to give senior citizens Rs 5,000 each month, speaking on the occasion of celebrating the World Senior Citizens’ Day celebrations in Ravindra Kalakshetra in the city. But there are many challenges before the government. Moreover we are in a coalition government. Everything can not be done at once, so we will implement programs step by step. The cost of Rs 600 has already been increased to one thousand. It will come into force from November 1. For senior citizens, pregnant women get Rs 1,000 per month. The next year will be increased to Rs. 2,000 and 3rd year, up to Rs. 3,000 and 5000 will be completed within 5 years. Our government has waived Rs 45,000 crore from farmers’ loans. There are criticisms that any other schemes are not being implemented because of the lending. But it is false, and we have been implementing a number of programs that do not see the critic’s eyes.

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