Bengaluru. Bumper contribution from government to Hassan: Municipal Corporation promoted to municipality Bumper contribution Municipal Corporation promoted to municipality  Hassan. CM HD Kumaraswamy Said

The Hassan district is moving towards the development of the district after the coalition government came to power. Public Works Department Minister H.D. Revanna has been standing for the development of the entire district. There is already a round meeting at the government level to municipality municipal councils, with a report on the prospects of the municipal corporation. Hassan district is on development pathway and Rs 2300 crore for various projects. Has been released.

The state government has now decided to upgrade the municipality to city corporation. Hassan is the chief minister and he is announcing a project to the home district. As the population of the present municipality has declined, 36 villages of ten villages around Hassan are now being added to the municipality.

here is already a round meeting at government level. Harihalli, Satyamangala, Tejur, B, Kathihalli, Boovanahalli, Manachanahalli, Kandali, Thatte Lake, Vazhagangere, Hanumanthapura and Huvanahalli Kawal will be added to the municipality in the next days. The government will soon announce the municipality from the government. Hassan will soon become the municipal corporation in the next two months if the notification is issued by the state government soon.

There is a rule that no municipality should have more than 3 lakh population. But now the Hassan Municipality has a population of only 2 lakhs. Hence, the government is planning to add 7 km of villages around Hassan to the municipal corporation. If the municipality gets more funding from the state and central government, it will be beneficial for the development of the entire city. People in the district are also hopeful that if they become a municipality, they will be further developed. Other cities, including real estate, will grow further if they are a municipality.

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