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Bangalore . The loan waiver of and 44 lakh farmers Loan has been waived and the debit card is being issued to the 44 lakh families of the state from November one. Besides, students are being examined to waive the educational loan, Chief Minister Kumarswamy said. Speaking at a press conference in the Press Club, he said that the alliance government had spent Rs 3300 crore outstanding amount of Rs 50,000 which was paid by the previous Siddaramaiah government.

Rs 10,300 crore was waived on loan from co-operative firms in 2018-19. The first installment was released in September. Initially banks did not cooperate when they debunked debt in nationalized banks. It’s not going to discuss its past politics. After several rounds of meetings, banks have agreed. Today the President of Syndicate Bank meets me. Loans up to two lakhs in the nationalized bank have been waived.

If the loan lenders already have a loan, they would have to pay Rs 25,000. Incentive will cost Rs 2.25 lakh. Rs 43,000 crore to state government from debt waiver If it is loaded, the state is gaining over 44 lakh farmers. The debt bond is Rs 6500 crore. I’ve fixed the budget in my budget to release money. There is no money for this. Additionally, financial discipline has been maintained from debt waiver to other projects. The BJP’s allegation that Kazan was empty was not clear.

The sub-election of the five constituencies will be advertised in detail for the comprehensive information of the loan manna. He said that debit cards would be sent in my name to farmers from November 1. I have instructed the authorities to inform the elderly families who are suffering from pain and can not afford it for higher education. Pros and Cons of the educational loan will be reviewed after receiving information. Our government is not takacked. The propaganda that is not working is repeated. Rs 1200 crore has been provided to repair the state government-college junction building in the state. Housing schools are being upgraded to allocation of Rs 29,000 crore to the Social Welfare Department. It is available to 56,000 families. Notification has been issued for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Sub-Schemes to punish unscrupulous officials.

12,000 crore road development projects are being taken up in the PW Department. The demand for Rs 500 crore has been demanded by the Small Irrigation Department. Siddaramaiah’s government has invested Rs 3600 crore for the Annaprabhya project. It has the pressure to give 7 kg of rice to each family, which needs to be set at Rs 5500 crore to implement it. He said that the number of beneficiaries of this scheme has increased from 1.04 crore to 1.029 crore to the family and that he can not say that he has not been able to set up money for some of the previous government schemes.

#Ferriferous road construction in Bangalore:
Questions are coming about what the Government contributes to Bangalore. When I was chief minister 12 years ago, I mentioned the Ferrarieral road construction project. For that, the land acquisition was the primary notification. Then the plan has come to an end. But now our government is backing the project and will be allowed in the next cabinet. The first installment will be released on two thousand crores. Rs 4500 crore will be spent next year. The project will be called by the tender and will be completed by next month. Rs. 60,000 crores Expenditure The plan will be completed within three months. He said that the space between the road would be metro.

Helveted road construction issues are also being discussed. We are committed to enforcing this amid talk of the 102 km long project that is unnecessary. If the helveaved road is constructed, petrol savings, time savings will benefit all the profits scientifically. The estimated cost is Rs 9,000 crore per year. It will be implemented in a one-and-a-half monthly schedule and implementation of the scheme. “The couple’s homes have been instructed to change the map from the dead,” he said.

BBMP is paying 100 crore electricity bill per year. This can save money if LED bulbs are installed. If a private person came to insert a LED bulb, he would hold 85% of the power bill collection. BBMP pays 15% of the amount. The project will be approved in the next second session, he said. The negligence of previous governments in the matter of waste management is a huge price. When I look at the street litter, I’m heading to the chief minister. Our government will take action on scientific waste disposal. “He said. I’m not doing Temple Run only. Focusing on development. Our family trusts in God .. So it is common to visit God’s vision. There are objections that I’m not taking care of time properly. I am the Chief Minister to visit the general public everyday. Such stresses are difficult to keep time out. I told him that I did not delay deliberate purpose.

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