Kaaranji Shreedhar is the first investor to put faith on the future of the technology !


Bangalore. With new technologies replacing the old and Eco-sensitivity kicking in most of the things we do, a silent revolution is going on using next generation visual technologies,to do things in a better way.Holographic technology and Augmented Reality supported functions are now getting acceptance and in next 5 years will be commonplace.Internationally these technologies are used for education,medical applications and outdoor/indoor advertising .Till now , technology was always imported and had a cost barrier for day today use but now with homegrown companies providing the same,adoption would be easier.

The early adopters of the technology in India are the advertisers who foresaw the ban of plastics and flex,brands like Samsung,Blackberry,Future Generali, Sun Pharma, Viacom 18, experimented with holographic/AR content for their outdoor campaigns or events for the past 1 year .Most of them were commissioned in malls or high footfall places like Metro stations for maximum eyeballs.Due to the novelty factor and visual effects most of the installations got high level of engagement with 70% brand recall value.Now Agencies/corporates are more confident to use the holograms/AR in their day to day campaigns and it is showing !

Recently Movietime in collaboration with Kryp Media upgraded 20 multiplexes to offer holographic advertisement at their lounges,which gradually would be extended to all 40 multiplexes.Croma upgraded to Holographic in store advertisement with 11 outlets (including Bangalore) and soon Zee TV is going to launch a massive campaign using holographic and AR content and this is only the beginning.

The next stop of the technology is going to be education/medical/engineering/communication applications where it will have significant role to play for a resource strapped country like us.Also the technology and content part will keep a sizeable amount of workforce gainfully employed as it finds way to varied applications .

.Kaaranji Shreedhar,the acclaimed film director speaking on the occasion said “There is tremendous potential of Holograms and AR supported content  in films.All these time, dearth of standard coders and creative support prevented filmmakers to use the next generation visual techniques ,sometimes the technology had to be imported from abroad, allowing only big budget films to enjoy the benefits.Thankfully all this is going to change”.

Speaking at the press launch Mr Karan Bhardwaj , MD & CEO said that “ Kryp Media already has Zwende as the first Bangalore client who are using our technology for their design interfaces. With rising interest in Holograms and AR and keeping in mind the varied applications and different customer needs ,we are putting up a R&D centre to facilitate content creation and customization according to the business needs.” He also added “Right now few companies dealing with Hologram and AR are  privately held,without any opportunity for the common investor but now Kryp Media is offering a partnership in Bangalore for common investor to be the part of the journey and profits.”

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