Mr. Sudhir Tripathi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of Jharkhand.
Mr. Sudhir Tripathi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of Jharkhand.


Bengaluru :- Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society (JSDMS) which works under theaegis of Jharkhand Government and FICCI organised first of their multi city program called – ENGAGE-Employers Network for Generating Aspirational & Gainful Employment,in Bengaluru on Dec at Taj Hotel, Yeshnwantpur.
“ENGAGE name itself depicts the true objective of this program. To give impetus to growth with scale, speed and standard in skill development, the Government of Jharkhand had framed a Skills Policy for the state – ‘Jharkhand Skills Policy 2018’- andit has been in force from January 12, 2018”, said Mr. Sudhir Tripathi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of Jharkhand. He further added that “with its industry friendly policies, the State has been able to convince theambassadors of various sectors to choose Jharkhand as their preferred investment destination.”

“JSDMS is actively engaging with industry and taking the lead by offering several incentives that will make recruiting skilled candidates a highly lucrative business proposition for the corporate community”, said Mr Rajesh Kumar Sharma, IAS, Secretary, Higher Technical & Skill Development Department, Govt of Jharkhand. Through its Industry friendly policies, Jharkhand Government is providing a stimulus to the skilling ecosystem in the state and its contribution to Skill India Mission.

In his welcome address Mr Ravi Ranjan, Mission Director, Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society, Govt of Jharkhand said, “it is important to highlight that in the process of providing relevant, job-ready skilled candidates, JSDMS is working at forging bridges between the demand and supply drivers of skilling, by not just utilizing the current and available resources, but by also looking at the future and investing in several promising trends that will shape the industry”

Mr LR Sridhar, Founder, Connect India said, “Logistics sector has potential to create more than 2 lacs jobs every year,state’s impetus should be tocreatea well-rounded,nano enterprise development encompassing domain skill, entrepreneurship training, market linkages, supply chain linkage, credit linkage, mentorship, etc.”

Dr Jacob Crasta, Founder & Chairman, CM Envirosystems Pvt Ltd said, “MSMEsneed to develop capacity and operate in a wider institutional context which strengthens and supports enterprise development and growth, before being able to access new markets through business linkages, it could lead large number of employment generation”.

FICCI through its Industry network of Industry members and local chambers had mobilised more than 135 Industry members for the program. Two MoUs were also signed between JSDMS &Industree and JSDMS & Connect India.

Senior Industry Members from Wipro, Ola, FESTO, GE, Intel and Schneider were also present for this program. Next ENGAGE program is scheduled for Dec 5th, 2018 in New Delhi.

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