Deputy Mayor B. Bhadre Gowda


Deputy mayor B.Bhadre Gowda said that will be  announced the chairmen for these committees sometime next week and promised good work for Bengaluru city People.

The BJP leaders had formulated a strategy to elect them to the chairperson of some Standing Committees of BBMP. The Congress-JDS Alliance leaders, who had contested the polls, postponed the election and exacerbated the BJP’s calculations.

BANGALORE: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has formulated a strategy for selecting some of the Standing Committees of the BBMP. The Congress-JDS Alliance leaders, who had contested the polls, postponed the election and exacerbated the BJP’s calculations. Elections for the 12th Standing Committees of the Constituency were scheduled for Friday.

However, Mayor Gangambi Mallikarjun deferred the election as the Chairman’s choice of Standing Committees was stormy. BJP members, who shouted slogans against the Congress-JDS alliance, did not attend the election process and protested at the council hall. Mamata Saravana candidate filed nomination papers for the post of Standing Committee on Urban Planning. BJP spokesman N. Nagaraj of Bhairasandra ward from Congress had heard the words.

However, at the last moment SG Nagaraj filed a nomination papers for the Science Warden. It was everyone’s calculation that the remaining 11 Standing Committees could be elected unanimously. However, the BBMP civic hall witnessed many hydrams. The election was scheduled at 12 noon. However, the BJP, which has the right of five members of the nine members of the Standing Committee on Urban Planning, has fielded Mamata Saravana as president. Thus, there was competition for the Standing Committee of the Urban Planning. The BJP faced Mamata Sharavan’s resignation as president. Congress and JDS members did not agree. The negotiations led by former minister Ramalinga Reddy did not succeed. In the meantime, Manjula Narayanaswamy of Laggere ward rebels against the JDS, who has been appointed as the Social Justice Standing Committee and K Devadeas of BTM Layout Ward has been appointed as the Standing Committee on Ward-level Public Works. In the same way, the talk of JDS legislator K Gopalaiah and Manjula Narayanaswamy took place. Manjula Narayanaswamy and K Devdas supported the BJP in the Mayor and Deputy Mayor elections.
However, the BJP has finally silenced for the Congress-JDS-backed candidates after the Mayor withdrew from the Deputy Mayor election. So, both of them have not been considered by the Standing Committee chair this time. However, he is a member of the two committees and is seeking to file a nomination for the Standing Committee chair with the BJP support. Each Standing Committee consists of 6 Congress-JDS members and 5 BJP members. If the elections were held, the Congress would have lost the seat of Social Justice and Ward-level Public Works Standing Committee.

Manjula Narayanaswamy and K Devdas were elected as the chairman of the BJP. The Congress leaders have succeeded in postponing the election, knowing this clue. Potential presidents of Standing Committees had come to meet with their relatives and friends. His supporters came to congratulate the president with a necklace and a casket. Some were also prepared for the worship of the office. The presidential candidate went to the house unhappy with the postponement of the election. “Some members have not come to the meeting. Thus, the BJP members appealed to start a delayed election process. The election process was delayed by one and a half hours.
However, the BJP threatened to defeat the polls before the start of the election. So, the election was postponed. Elections will be held for Presidential positions by the end of this month, “Mayor Gangabiki Mallikarjun said. “Mayor is telling lies, let him swear in the temple. We are ready for this. Opposition leader Padmanabha Reddy said that the BJP members had pushed for elections in fear of winning the presidential polls.

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