Siddaramaiah’s debt waiver has been done as Rahul Gandhi said. He is the guarantee of power in the next Lok Sabha elections as Prime Minister of this country. Siddaramaiah

Jamkhandi: The Congress party does not leave the party to be the chief minister of the state, even though Mr. Yeddyurappa of the BJP has been thrown out of the party, leaving the Congress not to let his dream come true, former chief minister of Congress, Siddaramaiah said. Speaking in the inaugural ceremony organized by MLA Ananda Namagowda on Sunday, “There is no morale to force Yeddyurappa to waive the farmers ‘debt, in 2010 he asked if the Government had a note-printing machine to waive farmers’ debt,” he said. We are credited with becoming the prime minister of the country for 50,000 loans per farmer during our tenure.

The Congress governments who took over the three state elections in the recently held Panchayat elections have lent their debt to farmers. Rahul Gandhi has said that. He said it was a guarantee that he would be the Prime Minister of this country in the next Lok Sabha election. ” Top Comment Sidramullakhan Neenu next election gallakalalla .. Rahul’s  richer” As Ram’s Japa Lok Sabha election approaches, the BJP will be remembered for building the Ram temple. The BJP, which has been collecting money from the corners of the country, has already collected the corner of the country, where the bricks have been collected, the clean lying should not be trusted by the people. ” KPCC president Dinesh Gundurao said, “The results of the Jamkhandi voter have given a good message to the whole country. So Congress could win the heart of the country. The BJP speaks loudly and brilliantly against Rahul Gandhi. The country’s economy is ruined after the BJP came to power in the country. ” Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwar, Ananda Nama Gowda and others.

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