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Uttara Kannada: Gokarna Temple – Another Important Victory for Sri Ramachandrapuram The Sri Ramachandrapuramatra is another major victory in the court of Gokarna Sawabhama Shri Mahabaleshwara Temple and Parivar temples. The court rejected the appeal to restrain Adi Gokarna’s reconstruction on the side of Mahabaleshwar temple; The order has been issued to the applicant for paying the court’s expenses to the bank. As the Adi Gokarna Temple was in ruins, the reconstruction of the Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswami of Sri Ramachandrapuram was launched in 2014.

The court stepped up against the arbitrage system by the culmination of some vested interests that did not tolerate development; The Arjitis demanded a court order to restrain the reconstruction of the primaries. Although the Archaeological Survey and other necessary approvals took over the reconstruction process of the MRS, the court had attempted to curb the development of the stairs. The court also ordered the petitioner to file a court order on the matter, rejecting the original litigation made by the Kumta civil and JMFC court. It is not a matter of concern …

Against Mrs. Mummies: For those who restrict adivasis reconstruction there is no intention of conservation, the intention of the applicant is to disturb the administration of the Mrs.. The court also ruled that the petition was a malicious act against the administration of Mrs. This malicious case has been proven in the petition filed by applicants to withdraw their application on 05.12.2010. Restriction from Structural Self-Interests: After the rehabilitation of the Sri Mahabaleshwara Temple in 2008, some self-interest in every step is being intercepted and attempts to thwart the gross development of Gokarna. There was no drinking water system for pilgrims before 2008. When Mr Mitha started making a Free Prasad meal arrangement, there was an attempt to halt the court. But the court also rejected that application; Two days of free Prasad dinner was allowed. Today, Amritan’s Prasad dinner is a commemoration of the country. The court had won a significant victory in Adi Gokarna Temple’s reconstruction; Shrine is more energy-packed to take the Gokarna into a comprehensive development.

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