The BJP’s calculation was overwhelmed by the dismantling of the war in BBMP.

BANGALORE: The Congress-JDS alliance has finally succeeded in taking over the 12 Standing Committees of the BBMP. The BJP’s calculation was overwhelmed by the dismantling of the war before the war. The alliance parties had anxiety about the two members of the JD (S) to rebel and identify the BJP. But the choice of the Standing Committee president was unanimous, as the two rebels were absent. Standing Committee President The election was scheduled on 14th. Manjula Narayanaswamy of the JD (S) rebellion laggire ward and K Devdas of BTM Layout were nominated to the presidency with the BJP support. The Congress-JDS alliance was in the wake of the worst threat posed by the Ward-level Public Works Standing Committee and the Social Justice Standing Committee. So the immediate election was postponed. Deputy Mayor and Standing Committee members were elected to the post of Independent Member Chandrappa Reddy who was elected to the Standing Committee on Urban Planning and Development. The result was only 9 members elected. There were five BJP members including Bhairasandra Ward’s Nagaraj. So, the BJP was tactically trained to take over the position of the president of this influential Standing Committee. Knowing this clue, the Congress had postponed the election and held the presidential election a month later. The JDS leaders succeeded in persuading the rebel members Manjula Narayanaswamy and K Devdas within a month. As a result, both of them did not attend the election meeting. N. Nagaraj of Bhairasandra Ward has been associated with the Congress since the last assembly elections. So, the Congress has chosen him to be a member of the urban planning and standing committee. So, he did not vote for the BJP. Knowing all this, the BJP boycotted the election and lost the defeat. So, the Congress-JDS Alliance members were unanimously elected to 12 Standing Committees. The alliance consists of 12 Standing Committees, 4 JDS, 6 Congress and 2 Independents. Elections were held at the Kempegowda civic hall room chaired by Mayor Gangambika Mallikarjun. The BJP members boycotted the election alleging that Mayor was not transparently electoral. Some Congress members were also a prisoner. Mayor Gangambika Mallikarjun elected the chairperson’s chairperson. Only five of the six members of the Congress-JDS alliance, elected to the Tax and Economic Standing Committee, were present. Ajmal Baig was absent. Former deputy mayor Hemalatha Gopalaliah was unanimously elected as the BJP boycotted the election. Of the nine members of the city planning and the Standing Committee, only 4 were present. SG Nagaraj of Science wing ward of KRP was elected president. The president of the Social Justice Committee was only 4 members in the election. “Those who are not members of the committee are restricted to the meeting in order to smooth the electoral process. There is no rule that elections should be held on such a spot. Earlier, elections were held in the respective committees room. This time the Mayor’s room was held. BJP members have boycotted the election by the threat of defeat, “Mayor Gangambika Mallikarjun said. “Manjula Narayanaswamy and K. Devdas who are in the race for the election are not in contact with us. Earlier, the party’s leaders had talked to them and made peace with them. However, not attended. All these developments are also being observed by the peers, and I submit the report. The leaders will take appropriate action against the rebels based on it, “JDS party leader Netra Narayan said. “I wrote to the Additional Secretary of the Commissioner and Urban Development Department to conduct a transparent election as the KMC Act. Additional Chief Secretaries have directed the Commissioner to make an election according to the law. But, it does not matter. The presidential nominee has been elected in a room without tradition in the Council Hall, traditionally. In addition, the entry of members has been banned and humiliated. We have boycotted the election, “said opposition leader PadmanabhaReddy.

BBMP elects heads to standing committees Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). The chairpersons for standing committees were elected by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) on Thursday after a gap of three months. Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun elected the chairmen at her office. S P Hemalatha, JD(S) corporator from Vrishabhavathi Nagar ward, was elected as the chairperson of the Tax and Finance standing committee. According to the agreement between the Congress and JD(S) coalition partners, this key position was given to a JD(S) corporator. The chairperson will responsible for presenting the BBMP budget, monitor property tax collection and strategise to boost revenues etc. Mujahid Pasha from Siddapura ward was elected as the chairman of Public Health standing committee. This is the second term for him in this post. Meanwhile, S G Nagaraj from Vignannagar ward was elected as the chairman of Town Planning and Development standing committee, Lavanya Ganesh Reddy, Congress corporator from Lingarajapuram ward, who was also in the fray for the mayor’s post, was elected as the chairman of Major Public Works standing committee, and Umme Salma from Kushal Nagar ward was elected to the ward-level public works standing committee. The Accounts standing committee is headed by M Velunayakar, Congress corporator from Lakshmi Devi Nagar,

Education standing committee is headed by JD(S) corporator Imran Pasha,
Social Justice standing committee is headed by P Soumya.
Aishwarya B N from Binnypet was elected to the Horticulture standing committee.
Anand Kumar S from Hoysala Nagar ward was elected to the Establishment and Administrative reforms standing committee.
Farida Istayik was elected to the Markets standing committee and Sujatha D C Ramesh was elected to the Appeals standing committee.
Despite electing the members to standing committees during the last month, the chairmen were not elected as was disagreement over the distribution of posts between the parties. Some BJP corporators too were vying for posts.

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