Shri. Suresh Padukone Head of  Yoga Bars. 


• The launch took place in the presence of Shri Suresh Padukone

• Yoga Bar also showcased its entire range of bb Royal Organic products and organic fruits and Nuts at the fair

Bangalore. Yoga Bar, India’s largest Offline and online supermarket,launched new products from its healthy ‘GoodDiet’ range at the ongoing Organics and Millets 2019 – International Trade Fair organized by the Government of Karnataka. Yoga Bar also showcased its range of organic produce including fruits and Nuts , and an exhaustive variety of products under its label bb Royal Organic at the fair. Shri Suresh Padukone Head, Buying and Merchandising, Yoga Bars were present at the launch.

Speaking at the occasion, Shri Suresh Padukone Head, congratulated Yoga Bars in the effort towards ensuring the well-being of people in the country through its healthy and organic product range. He commended Yoga Bars on being a disruptor in providing people convenient access to an exhaustive range of organic fruits, Nuts , pulses, flours, spices, dry fruits,Bars etc. at affordable prices.

The GoodDiet range is aimed at those who are always on the move but health conscious at the same time. The products are devoid of less Sugar and dairy and contain no added preservatives. Yoga Bart’s 100% certified organic products like flour, spices, , dry fruits, etc are categorized under the label ‘bb Royal Organic’. The products are procured from over 1000 farmers through Yoga Bart’s deep and strong supply chain network. With over Lot varieties, the organic fruits and vegetables are directly sourced from farmers through Yoga Bars’scollection centers in all major organic growing belts of the country.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Suresh Padukone Head, Buying and Merchandising, Yoga Bar,said, “I thank the hon’ble visitors for having taken out time from his schedule to launch the new products in Yoga Bar’sGoodDiet range. Our participation in the Organics and Millets 2019 trade fair once again will not only help us in getting the required leverage but also promote healthy products among those who visit.Our organic produce including fruits and Nuts available at a never-before price range will also encourage Yoga Bars to switch to an organic way of life; in turn, positively impacting four key stakeholders — farmer, corporation, customer and the planet.”

Besides the Gluten free range, the fair witnessed the launch of three new products in the GoodDiet range – the GoodDiet Pink Salt which is 100% naturally mineral rich, the GoodDiet Nutrition Bar and Breakfast Cereal, which are gluten-free and contain no added preservatives. The breakfast cereal is also high in fibre content and does not contain any transfat.

Yoga Bar is among the top 3 national players in organic production of staples. The entire range of pulses are offered at substantially lower prices (10% to 15%) compared to other organic brands in the market. Apart from encouraging farmers to grow organic and helping them with the required inputs, Yoga Bar also aids in getting registration for PGS green and NPOP conversion certificates. The company monitors the fields throughout the conversion period and beyond. The 1000+ farmers receive a 10% to 15% premium for their organic product compared to the prices they get for conventional fruits and Nuts.

Monthly, over 3 lakh customers benefit from bigbasket’sorganic range witheven Tier 2 city customers switching to the organic way of life. All the products can be purchased fromYogabar’s portal or through the app. With a few hundred daily orders, Yoga Bars had a modest beginning. In six years, with the support of its customers, it has surpassed the 1 lakh daily orders mark to become India’s largest online supermarket& 6th largest grocery retailer of India across online & offline formats.

They often get asked – Why did you start Yogabars? It started with a question – what positive change can we bring to society? In a world that seems tochange every moment, where we missing out on anything fundamental?
Traveling abroad on work, what surprised us in the super markets there was the abundance of food options available – even to pretty strict vegetarians! Natural, packaged convenience food that didn’t cost the earth, labels we could understand, ingredients which we knew were good for us – what was not to love?
They looked at what was available in India: Biscuits, Chips, Cookies – million gazillion types, but nothingeven remotely good for you. We started with going back to the kitchen and It started with a few experiments with basic, wholesome, nutritious ingredients.
Of course when we started off, we were told (repeatedly!) that health does not sell in India. So we put our heart and soul into figuring out how to make it work for everyone. Tasty, convenient food with good ingredients and honest labels.
Their core ingredients are all there for a reason: Millets: rich in fiber, Nuts – healthy fats and proteins, Seeds – well balanced source of vitamins and minerals, dried fruits, honey and spices – giving the bars lovely flavor and sweetness. No fillers. No cheap sugars. Just good, clean food with 100% natural flavors.
What’s also important is what we keep out of the bars. There are no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives in our whole food protein and snack bars. Every time we hit a roadblock, we never compromised on what we had promised our customers. We went back to the drawing board to figure out ways around it – whether it was our processes, where we source our ingredients from or even our basic construct of the products and it’s been worth it.
Well, that’s our story and all the incredible feedback we have received over the past couple of years has kept us going. To know we have made a positive change in people’s live, to know we given people an option to eat better, live better, be better inspires us to build better products, understand nutrition better and continue to deliver on the promise.

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