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Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots, South Asia interacting with TBT and NNA at IMTEX, BIEC in Bengaluru.



India/Bengaluru : India is emerging as one of the fastest growing economy in the new millennium. The Micro, Small &Medium Enterprises (MSME) segment is expected to play a significant role in this growth. In an endeavour of empowering the MSME segment for further growth, Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd (BFW), a leading machine tool manufacturer in India in association with Universal Robots, pioneers and leaders of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are aiming to penetrate the sector with new and affordable automation solutions.
This partnership between the Danish robot manufacturer and BFW will leverage the productivity in the MSME segment by integration of collaborative robots in manufacturing processes. This aims to disrupt the traditional production setup of MSME segment with top-notch automation solutions and will dramatically impact productivity, quality and working conditions.
BFW and Universal Robots aims to redefine the production processes by deploying the robotic arms through modular, flexible and user-friendly integration solution platform – Arjun. Advanced user-friendly and light industrial robotic arms will dramatically impact productivity, quality and working conditions in MSME segment as it will automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes efficiently thus empowering the shop floor for higher value creative activities.
The contract between Universal Robots and BFW regarding this collaboration was signed at Odense, Denmark in the presence of Mr.Ravi Raghavan (CEO, Bharat Fritz Werner), Mr. Praful Shende (CSMO, Bharat Fritz Werner), Mr. Jurgen von Hollen (President, Universal Robots A/S), Mr. Klaus Vestergaard (CFO, Universal Robots A/S), Mr. Esben Østergaard (CTO, Universal Robots A/S) & Mr. Pradeep David (GM, Universal Robots South Asia) were present on Wednesday 16th of January, 2019.
Mr. Ravi Raghavan, MD, BFW said, “Universal Robots and BFW strategic partnership will bring collaborative robot technology on a modular flexible platform to MSME shop floors to enhance their manufacturing competitiveness significantly.”
Mr. Praful Shende, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BFW said, “Deployment of collaborative robot technology will help Indian organisations to realise creative potential of their teams by engaging them in higher value creation activities. BFW and Universal Robots alliance will act as a major catalyst for these initiatives.”
Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots, South Asia said, “We’re pleased to be working closely with BFW as their CNC machines and Automation Services are well respected throughout the country, along with a solid sales & support network of over 40 offices. It will surely help evangelize this “Top 50 disruptive technology of 2018” called cobots, among the “Job Shops” in India similar to what Universal Robots has succeeded to do in the rest of the world as the largest global cobot manufacturer, by far.”
BFW’s commitment has always been to enable progress and we’ve found that the best way of doing this is through a solutions approach. We’re constantly sharpening our design, innovation and technology skills to deliver solutions to customers instead of mere machines. This is our way of enabling progress one machine at a time.
Advanced user-friendly and light industrial robotic arms manufactured by Universal Robots are meant to improve speed while reducing the risk of injury associated with human operators working in close proximity to heavy machinery such as a CNC machine. If the robotic arm comes into contact with a person, integrated technology limits the forces at contact. The Universal Robots can also be programmed to operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work area and resume full speed when the person leaves.
Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW) is India’s leading machining solution provider with the most comprehensive range of offerings in Milling, Turning and Special Purpose Machines.

BFW started the journey in 1961 and was the first Indian Private Sector company to introduce CNC Machining Centres. Over 40,000 of BFW machines are in use in 29 countries across the world. Most of the best known companies in manufacturing use BFW machines for very critical applications.

BFW’s commitment to customers has led it to hone its skills in design, innovation and technology, and create more futuristic products which were recognised with various awards for decades. With 500 plus engineers and a well-resourced Dr. Kalam Centre for Innovation, BFW has created internationally recognized product breakthroughs.

Headquartered in Bangalore and a Kothari Group company, BFW has two digitally connected factories and 44 Sales and Technology centres.

Universal Robots was co-founded in 2005 by the company’s CTO, EsbenØstergaard, who wanted to make robot technology accessible to all by developing small, user-friendly, reasonably priced, flexible industrial robots that are safe to work with. Since the first robot was launched in 2008, the company has experienced considerable growth with the user-friendly robots now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company, which is a part of Teradyne Inc., is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, and has subsidiaries and regional offices in the USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Singapore, India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

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