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Victims protesting against Karnataka Government at Anand Rao Cirle in Bengaluru.


Of the 118 families who fell to the streets without any compensation, the leaders did not listen to the farmers in H.D. Deve gowda district

118 families who fell to the streets without Hemavathi Reservoir victims of the 4-decade leaders  did  not listen to farmers in the district of H.D. Deve Gowda. 4-Decade years of suffering from Hemavathi Reservoir victims

Bengaluru. The 118 farmers who lost their land on the backwaters of the Hemavathi reservoir in Hassan district of Bangalore did not get an alternative land for four decades. Some of the farmer families who have lost their homes are working in the coffee plantations of Sakaleshpur, Arakalgudu, and some family members are wage labourers in Bangalore and Mysore.

In the year 1972, 500 acres of 118 farmers of Goruru, Shettihalli, Huliwala and Honganuru were acquired for Hemavathi reservoir. The 500 acres of land was reserved for agriculture and 28 acres of land in rehabilitation of KR Pete’s silver caval in Mandya district instead of land in the backdrop. In 1992, the Department of Revenue issued a land grant of 4 acres for farmers. But the forest and revenue department’s rope has not been able to build and cultivate houses in the land for farmers.

As a result, farmer families are virtually falling to the streets. These are not the farmers, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, son of clay. Devegowda district. Agriculture Minister CS Puttagowda did not rush to the aid of these farmers. Though Hassan district supervisor minister HD Ravanna has appealed to all the leaders, nobody has responded. A farmer working farmer on a coffee estate, 70-year-old working at a coffee estate in Alur, Hassan, Alur. He had lost 4 acres of land for the Hemavathi reservoir project. Forests are not allowed to start farming where alternative land is available. “After losing the land, he went to Hassan for work. We worked as a labourer on a coffee estate there. Officials were not allowed to walk there, alternatively land. So stay in Hassan. Children are now a motor vehicle driver, “he said.

Forest department crosses

The forest department is a major cause of the state of the farmers. The forest department said 2,595 acres of forest area belonged to this department. The Department of Forests has made it clear that the forest department has not stepped down. Meanwhile, the court had allowed the land acquired by the farmers to not allow farming. The court also ruled in favour of victims. However, the forest department is demanding resettlement, “said Manje gowda, Secretary, State Agricultural Association.

A walk to the 20th day

Farmers have been protesting for the last 20 days in the Anand Rao circle in Bangalore, expressing their disapproval of cultivation in the sanctioned land. The farmers’ union has supported the struggle. However, neither the CM nor the KR Peet MLA Narayana Gowda did not spare. “A large gathering will be held at the Independence Garden on February 13,” said Basavaraju, a farmer leader.

Sheds cleared from the sanctioned land

Farmers who had gone to the land on January 9 had protested and shouted slogans. Forest department officials have been sent out by the police to the farmers. The sheds are also cleared.

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